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Comments by Konstantin A. Magg (Top 24 by date)

Konstantin A. Magg 12-Nov-16 6:02am View    
Hi Benmakklouf,
I see you define three angular modules: 'PegaseApp' in project 1 and 'myApp' and 'bgDirectives' in project 2. How do you want to interact the modules with eachother after merging them into a single project?

If you can provide more information on where your problems are, it is probably easier to give concrete hints and tips.
Konstantin A. Magg 6-Nov-16 6:35am View    
Hi @suryakantsahoo,
your question already is some days old. Are you still working on this topic?
I tried to think myself into your question, but the description is a little unprecise to me. Where exactly is the point, where you have problems?

One general remark on user authentication in single page web applications: If authentication is important, it is usually not a good idea, to handle it on the client side.
Konstantin A. Magg 6-Nov-16 6:27am View    
Hi, is this the full log message you posted? Reads to me like the error message from the Angular injector got cut at the end.
Konstantin A. Magg 28-Aug-16 9:08am View    
Do you know, where the long loading process comes from? Loading data from the server, populating the select's options or rendering the expanded select control (or maybe sth. else)?
Konstantin A. Magg 27-Aug-16 16:54pm View    
Hi RelicV,
as far as I can see it, your factory definition looks fine.

How about your async `GetCustomers` implementation? Are you sure, the http post call returned already, when you set `$scope.Customers`?

Probably a breakpoint at this line could help: `return customer.XMLtoJSON(data);`