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bowlturner 14-Oct-14 7:51am View
Yes, I did find the answer, I need to find the code, but the trick is under the image source it needed to point to an 'external' dll, but fill it in with it's own info. I'm on vacation right now so can't even look for the code that fixed it.
bowlturner 23-Jul-14 12:05pm View
this is the comment that came with the answer above

"you cant get Globals.ThisAddIn.Application in non Addin project. To get application instance in non addin project you can use"
bowlturner 8-Jul-14 14:04pm View
try pasting in the code with the Improve question link. We could see what you did and need to do.
bowlturner 8-Jul-14 14:03pm View
if it works in notepad, I would guess the focus just isn't in the right place?
bowlturner 8-Jul-14 14:01pm View
I've seen answers saying you need row.AcceptChanges() and some saying you don't. Give a try?
bowlturner 6-Jun-14 9:01am View
It all depends on how you implement it. if you have a text box (or something similar) to filer the list as the user types, allowing them to see immediately the changes, as long as you are not removing the focus of the input they can quickly change what they are looking for as well as see what they are filtering on.
bowlturner 5-Jun-14 13:56pm View
why don't you just use a filter on the datasource?
bowlturner 31-Jan-14 12:12pm View
Sorry I was looking in the Mark up and didn't see it there. formatting threw me off. I'll look some more.
bowlturner 31-Jan-14 12:07pm View
Where is you're ddlCopyStatus defined? It's not displayed.
bowlturner 31-Jan-14 11:54am View
no, you don't. you are setting the dateTo value in the 'else if' statement. You need to do the check BEFORE you do the convert or you may get exceptions.
bowlturner 31-Jan-14 11:27am View
you are on the right track but change the 2nd line to

DateTime dateTo;
bowlturner 31-Jan-14 11:09am View
you need to do the test for null or empty BEFORE you try to convert. I'll modify my answer
bowlturner 31-Jan-14 10:59am View
If someone is typing in a date, it starts as a string somewhere. You need to check if the string is null or empty before you try to convert it to a date. Then using DateTime.TryParse can try to parse the input string without throwing and error.
bowlturner 31-Jan-14 10:49am View
Well your code is off a little. 'dateFrom' is not declared anywhere in the code you posted. Give us the actual code and error and we can give better solutions.
bowlturner 31-Jan-14 10:16am View
no problem
bowlturner 29-Jan-14 9:16am View
Good catch, apparently it's still to early in the morning for me.
bowlturner 28-Jan-14 15:11pm View
At what point do you want to get the value?
bowlturner 28-Jan-14 13:30pm View
web apps, win forms and wpf are all a little different. but you bind a property to a column.

if you have a list of objects you can start with

dataGridView1.DataSource = MyListOfObjects;

and then something like this (which happens to be markup)

<asp:BoundField DataField="EID" HeaderText="ID" />
bowlturner 28-Jan-14 9:04am View
is the text box big enough to display the whole string?
bowlturner 27-Jan-14 15:05pm View
If you're still having that problem, you'll need to post more code, there is nothing inherently wrong with what is posted.
bowlturner 23-Jan-14 12:41pm View
Are you sure many to many? I mean can there be circular references? A is child of B who is child of C who has A as child?
bowlturner 23-Jan-14 8:52am View
I took a closer look, you are calling the pop up every time, not just when there is data in the textboxes.
bowlturner 22-Jan-14 14:26pm View
No problem, sorry didn't do a better job.
bowlturner 22-Jan-14 14:10pm View
I've done this before, but it's been long enough I can't remember what I'm missing. You could always try turning visible on and off too... :)
bowlturner 22-Jan-14 13:34pm View
Do you need to set the CollapsedSize="0"?

and yes, I turn bowls on a lathe to relieve stress. It's very effective.
bowlturner 22-Jan-14 13:18pm View
Doh! Missed it. .Equals is a comparison operator, not an assignment.

you need equationPanelExtender.Collapsed = false;

Added more to the solution above.
bowlturner 20-Jan-14 17:08pm View
I added more my answer. Hope it helps.
bowlturner 20-Jan-14 16:57pm View
Then I would guess it's permissions somehow. It is also possible that the user you are connecting as doesn't have 'sqlbuldcopy' permissions.
bowlturner 20-Jan-14 9:09am View
My first guess would be you don't have read/write access to the file you are trying to copy.
bowlturner 20-Jan-14 9:03am View
I found some code that might help. Added it to the solution.
bowlturner 17-Jan-14 10:25am View
you can put them in the session to keep them.
bowlturner 16-Jan-14 13:56pm View
While anything is possible, I think it is likely a waste of your time. You would be trying to circumvent in place security.
bowlturner 16-Jan-14 10:49am View
yep, was a little slow in fixing that, got distracted before I hit the submit button.
bowlturner 16-Jan-14 10:23am View
then create a connection to the db, create an insert command with parameters you need, loop through the XML parse the values into the parameters fields and run the insert command
bowlturner 16-Jan-14 10:18am View
Ok, can you add some of the code you are trying to use?
bowlturner 16-Jan-14 10:08am View
Sorry not a clue what you are asking to do. try 'Improve question'?
bowlturner 16-Jan-14 10:06am View
My question is why you have to lists of values that are related? Why don't you have an object that holds the Faculty and their ID in one object?

class factulty
public string Name {get; set;}
public string Id {get; set;}
public object photo {get; set}

then you only need one list and don't have to worry about them getting out of sync.
bowlturner 16-Jan-14 10:01am View
WPF is a completely different paradigm to windows forms. I wouldn't expect any windows forms controls to work the same in WPF. WPF has many of it's own controls and usually has an even better way to do what ever you want from a Windows form control.
bowlturner 16-Jan-14 9:53am View
does the process have write access to the path you are trying to save to?
bowlturner 16-Jan-14 9:38am View
Comment your code so we have some idea what the hell you are trying to do.
bowlturner 16-Jan-14 9:03am View
Do you already have your table structure in the db where you want to put the data?
bowlturner 14-Jan-14 9:10am View
No Problem
bowlturner 13-Jan-14 16:15pm View
Happen to have the dbo.getProductRI code available?
bowlturner 13-Jan-14 9:47am View
according to you code, you page has 5 dataGridViews. What you are saying and what your code is doing to not match up.
bowlturner 10-Jan-14 11:31am View
My first question would be are the 'row id's being renumbered? or just the visual numbers?
bowlturner 10-Jan-14 10:17am View
nice zen reply.

When you have a question to answer, feel free to ask.
bowlturner 9-Jan-14 16:46pm View
No, you want me to download your code, create a project, compile it and debug it for you. You have already run it and found bugs. Why can't you tell us what they are?

"row and column gives the error." is not helpful.
bowlturner 9-Jan-14 16:39pm View
Yes it is. And ones like that usually need someone else to embarrass you with them. Glad I could help!
bowlturner 9-Jan-14 16:06pm View
as I said before it's not my job to compile your code. YOU compile it find the error and tell us what it is. Or what behavior is happening that isn't supposed to be etc. That is the minimum expectation for someone to help you with your homework.
bowlturner 9-Jan-14 15:34pm View
I am NOT compiling your code. YOU run it, and tell us what the error is. And it ain't MY error.
bowlturner 9-Jan-14 15:33pm View
If you want help you need to tell us what is wrong, not 'there are still mistakes' or 'I have error'.
bowlturner 9-Jan-14 15:26pm View
Mind posting the actual error? because my solution did fix a bug. But since I don't know what is broke, I can't help fix it.
bowlturner 9-Jan-14 15:09pm View
What is main1.text? also after strdte you are not adding "'" in the strings any more.
bowlturner 9-Jan-14 14:35pm View
Did you take a look at my answer? you're If statement appears to be wrong. try using my If statement in place of yours.
bowlturner 9-Jan-14 12:19pm View
Sorry what are you trying to do? The if statement raises red flags, but I don't know what you actually wanted it to do, so can't suggest on how to fix it.
bowlturner 9-Jan-14 9:07am View
I was wondering why you need 3 lists to kept in sync? Why not make an object that holds the three values and put that in a list?
bowlturner 9-Jan-14 9:06am View
I will! ;)
bowlturner 8-Jan-14 17:33pm View
You can do that with a datagrid. Look at the Column Templates, you can have it be editable all the times. The default value isn't but there are lots of ways around that.
bowlturner 8-Jan-14 14:53pm View
Thanks. I do wonder what the point is other than being a jerk.
bowlturner 8-Jan-14 13:21pm View
I find it interesting when the actual answer to question is down-voted. Is it just so someone else's 'solution' will float to the top? This is the 2nd or 3rd time this week it's happened. Why would this deserve a 2?
bowlturner 8-Jan-14 11:42am View
+5 I felt too lazy to go into all that. On top of that I was wondering why he needs 3 lists that he 'keeps' in sync? Why not make an object that holds the three values and put that in the list?...
bowlturner 8-Jan-14 11:27am View
you can give me a 5 star on my answer and/or mark click the 'Accept Solution' button.

Glad I helped some, more importantly glad you got it to work!. I was afraid it might involve something like your final solution, but there is no way I would have been able to talk you through it.
bowlturner 8-Jan-14 9:30am View
Well your choices are to format your aspx page to look pretty, or implement a report of some kind, generate a PDF or use some other report generator. The simplest is to format your aspx, if it's a grid generating a .CSV might work, otherwise it's a bit more work to add others. I used to use PDFSharp to generate PDF reports.
bowlturner 8-Jan-14 9:20am View
What do you mean? the user should be able to print the page, you can even give them a 'Print' button to press. What am I missing?
bowlturner 7-Jan-14 16:43pm View
Interesting. I agree it is a privileges thing but this is not my area of expertise. If I was looking over your shoulder I might see the problem, but as it is...
bowlturner 7-Jan-14 16:37pm View
To the best of my knowledge I think you still have to do an update or an insert. You can try an update and if there are zero rows affected you can then do an insert. That is what I tend to do.
bowlturner 7-Jan-14 14:59pm View
New thought. I am thinking that the 'user' the process is running under doesn't have access to the T: drive. Do you know who/what it is running as? Find out (I think you can through the Task Manager) and make sure that account has access to the T: drive. At this point that makes the most sense to me. You as the admin have access, but the process doesn't.
bowlturner 7-Jan-14 14:27pm View
You seem to be asking several different questions. use the improve question link and give us some more to work with. What is the first piece you need?
bowlturner 7-Jan-14 14:24pm View
if it's mapped and accessible, it is shared. Right click on the T: drive and go to properties. In Windows 7 there is a DFS tab. it will show you the UNC path, you might also ask the server administrator for it as well.
bowlturner 7-Jan-14 13:44pm View
By the way, that will only give you the average if and only if the total possible points is always 300.
bowlturner 7-Jan-14 10:20am View
no while the IP can work I wouldn't use it. Use the name of the server and the share path. Look up in the properties of the share at the path. \\ServerName\Share
bowlturner 7-Jan-14 9:34am View
I had missed the List. I saw your answer, reread the problem and deleted mine when I saw my mistake.
bowlturner 7-Jan-14 9:10am View
No problem!
bowlturner 6-Jan-14 12:47pm View
You can try using an row edit template, you might not get the same look but you can get the same functionality with a similar look.
bowlturner 6-Jan-14 12:26pm View
what do you mean? Do you mean to check lists of lists? Give us an example of what you are looking for.
bowlturner 6-Jan-14 9:42am View
I suspect that after you add the row programatically you need to rebind the datagrid to the datasource.
bowlturner 3-Jan-14 13:21pm View
Then like both the solution state, the txtWeight probably doesn't exist.
bowlturner 3-Jan-14 12:27pm View
Agreed. Otherwise I'd say use SVN! ;)
bowlturner 3-Jan-14 12:20pm View
What happens when you choose case 0 or 1?
bowlturner 3-Jan-14 10:12am View
That's a big project just for us to design it for you.
bowlturner 3-Jan-14 9:43am View
I think you need to clarify what it is you would like us to answer. The SQL isn't that hard to understand, but I don't know what you want.
bowlturner 2-Jan-14 16:24pm View
What is the definition of the method you are trying to call?
bowlturner 2-Jan-14 16:14pm View
I thought that might be the case, but wasn't positive.
bowlturner 2-Jan-14 12:38pm View
Sorry, I'm still not exactly sure what you are looking for. Though I suspect some Lambda expressions could help simplify the code.
bowlturner 2-Jan-14 9:09am View
In a different question he was looking for A-D, 1-4 for answers and 'hints'
bowlturner 27-Dec-13 17:10pm View
What's happening? any errors? or just nothing?
bowlturner 27-Dec-13 12:11pm View
What is in your last 'else' statement? I think we need a little more code displayed.
bowlturner 26-Dec-13 8:54am View
Glad I could help! Happy Holidays to you too!
bowlturner 20-Dec-13 16:45pm View
one of us is missing some information. if you have code that's working display both and lets see what's different.
bowlturner 20-Dec-13 16:15pm View
Well what is your path? It looks like you are just sending 'Path' which I'm pretty sure isn't a valid one
bowlturner 20-Dec-13 13:27pm View
Sorry, should have looked closer.
bowlturner 20-Dec-13 12:30pm View
right! I didn't look close enough the first time.
bowlturner 20-Dec-13 12:07pm View
I like it, but you'll get an exception if someone sends a list that doesn't have the delete method on it's object.
bowlturner 20-Dec-13 11:44am View
your welcome.
bowlturner 20-Dec-13 11:43am View
I changed it to take a delegate, it takes a <t> and returns a bool
bowlturner 20-Dec-13 11:37am View
In my solution I added in sending in the function to run..
bowlturner 20-Dec-13 11:32am View
That's just it, you wouldn't need to integrate with the code behind, the link and the pop-up can be done in the mark up.
bowlturner 20-Dec-13 9:01am View

bowlturner 19-Dec-13 17:36pm View
Just realized something. Most of my Lambda is using objects, so I missed this. I think you might need to use .Join to join the Friendship table to the user table using userid = createid before the where clause.
bowlturner 19-Dec-13 14:27pm View
I'm not positive (I do a lot of trial and error testing) but I don't think you need the .all in there.
bowlturner 19-Dec-13 14:00pm View
If the data is in a database (or should be) I would seriously recommend using SQL to get this info out.
bowlturner 19-Dec-13 13:49pm View
not only that why doesn't the dropdownlist have a name? I'm pretty sure this ddlV.selectedValue = dropdownlist.SelectedValue.ToString(); won't work with out an actual name.
bowlturner 18-Dec-13 9:04am View
You're a jerk. Lying implies intent to deceive. So I forgot it's internal vs. private, the problem was they weren't public
bowlturner 18-Dec-13 9:00am View
Try using this as an example
bowlturner 17-Dec-13 13:25pm View
Does the web server have permission to run that dll?
bowlturner 17-Dec-13 11:58am View
true, but if you have a large object with many properties and extra validation etc. this becomes a staging area, and it makes it easier for the user to change their mind before updating the db.
bowlturner 16-Dec-13 9:23am View
Glad I could help.
bowlturner 16-Dec-13 9:21am View
yes it would be code redundancy if you did that. If String1-3 are really the same for all three objects then it might be wise to have a My3Strings object be inherited by My5Strings and My7Strings.

I would certainly hope you don't have a generic object with any of these names we are using for explanation purposes.
bowlturner 16-Dec-13 9:15am View
right, I want it to overlap the other controls and then on mouseout it will shrink back down unhiding the covered controls.
bowlturner 16-Dec-13 9:13am View
What I want is on mouseover for the ListBox to expand 'on top' of all the other controls, Kind of like how a dropdown list box expands when you click on it.
bowlturner 13-Dec-13 17:24pm View
Kind of like your MyItem.

class My5Strings
string String1 { get; set; }
string String2 { get; set; }
string String3 { get; set; }
string String4 { get; set; }
string String5 { get; set; }
bowlturner 13-Dec-13 15:54pm View
Right, don't need to 'use' the search page, just create the link.

ie. replace 'rollings' with say 'Baldacci' and you'll get books by baldacci.
bowlturner 13-Dec-13 15:51pm View
Where is the data coming from that you want to display in the ListView?
bowlturner 13-Dec-13 13:48pm View
I'm going to have to ask you clarify what it is you are actually trying to do.
bowlturner 13-Dec-13 11:42am View
Your welcome. I would suggest eventually becoming familiar with the other tools, they can come in handy.
bowlturner 12-Dec-13 13:38pm View
Obviously it's a conversion problem, I was just suggesting one place to try to convert.
bowlturner 12-Dec-13 9:00am View
So you want to take an XML document, make it a string, encrypt the whole string and then turn the encrypted string back into an XML document?
bowlturner 11-Dec-13 17:54pm View
Not exactly sure what it is you are asking for.
bowlturner 11-Dec-13 13:12pm View
Sorry the question wasn't clear. But the error message suggests you didn't set up the dataset correctly.
bowlturner 11-Dec-13 9:20am View
It depends. Creating a .csv file correctly would allow it open up in Excel but as you probably already noticed the link in solution 3 would be a good place to start for creating an actual Excel document.
bowlturner 11-Dec-13 9:08am View
I suspect there is, I don't know how, but I suspect you are barking up the completely wrong tree in your design. The way databases work it seems rather pointless to me to do what you are trying to do. If I knew more I might suggest a better design/approach.
bowlturner 10-Dec-13 17:25pm View
Is this just to display? if so you can format the dates to string and the null can be an empty string.
bowlturner 10-Dec-13 17:17pm View
Well true, I don't know who wrote the code nor what they are returning, the assumption of course is the number of seconds since the game started. But that is an assumption. I of course thought he knew that for it not to close the game it would have to be less than the first 3 seconds. I guess I wasn't thinking simple enough.
bowlturner 10-Dec-13 13:42pm View
That seems backwards to me. Or do you mean you want the Crystal report to bind (get it's data) from the DAL class?
bowlturner 10-Dec-13 13:21pm View
bowlturner 10-Dec-13 11:54am View
I guess I'm trying to understand why a server is going to have multiple oracle databases installed. Why does the list need to be dynamic? Really what is the purpose of all this since all the things I can think of this seems like a strange way to do anything.

Like how can you dynamically create a connection string to a database that you have 'found' on a server? Unless you have no real security, you'll have to at least get a username and password from the user. There are also many different tools already out there to manage dbs so I just come up with more and more questions of what the reason is for this 'need'.
bowlturner 10-Dec-13 10:34am View
Session["Pagetype"].ToString() == null

is not the same as

Session["Pagetype"] == null

if Session["Pagetype"] == null then this Session["Pagetype"].ToString() == null will throw an exception.
bowlturner 10-Dec-13 9:22am View
winforms or WPF?
bowlturner 10-Dec-13 9:06am View
Why don't you just put the list of databases into an App.config file? Do you really need a dynamic list of actual databases? Most places have only a couple actual databases and many different schema's on each database.
bowlturner 9-Dec-13 15:31pm View
I have no clue what you want. Try again?
bowlturner 9-Dec-13 12:50pm View
What are you really trying to do? If you created actual oracle databases you should already know what the names are. Why do you need 2 databases? How come you are creating these databases if you don't appear to know what you are doing? I think we need more information.
bowlturner 9-Dec-13 12:49pm View
What are you really trying to do? If you created actual oracle databases you should already know what the names are. Why do you need 2 databases? How come you are creating these databases if you don't appear to know what you are doing? I think we need more information.
bowlturner 9-Dec-13 11:46am View
In Oracle, each 'dba_user' in a specific database is a 'Schema' and can have tables and other DDL objects. Most databases have more 'users' than working schema's. The only way to get this from a database is Querying the database, this requires SQL.

In oracle different databases is a different thing and will need a separate connection for each one.
bowlturner 9-Dec-13 11:28am View
right. I wrote code to compare Dev/Test/Prod databases on SQL server to look for changes in the DDL. But it was only useful for SQL Server...
bowlturner 9-Dec-13 9:58am View Winforms? WPF? Need more information.
bowlturner 6-Dec-13 9:25am View
not an answer but you can simplify your checkedchanged event

pnl_current_post_holder.Visible = rdb_previous_post_holder_yes.Checked;
bowlturner 6-Dec-13 9:15am View
It would help if you gave us the error you get.
bowlturner 2-Dec-13 14:50pm View
not exactly sure what you are asking. but a pure shot in the dark, if you want to stop executing for something, don't use async.
bowlturner 27-Nov-13 8:57am View
Yes, that could work, but it's really a hack. I'm using validationRules and they work great as they are, I just need to be able to manually trigger them as well.

I came up with a Hack of my own that I'll share.
bowlturner 21-Nov-13 13:07pm View
bowlturner 19-Nov-13 9:12am View
Glad I could be of help!
bowlturner 18-Nov-13 16:50pm View
added to the answer above. does that help?
bowlturner 24-Oct-13 15:10pm View
Sorry, thought it was a possibility.
bowlturner 24-Oct-13 12:45pm View
Are you leaving transaction without a rollback or commit? It might be trying to close the connection but is in a deadlock state?
bowlturner 24-Oct-13 10:25am View
I've tried learning Regex and I never seem to do them right. I do really appreciate the link to Expresso! Much appreciated.
bowlturner 24-Oct-13 10:23am View
Thanks for the clarification
bowlturner 24-Oct-13 10:15am View
is this for .aspx, win forms, wpf? In WPF the tab works for me without having to catch anything.
bowlturner 24-Oct-13 10:06am View
Awesome! Thanks, I was so close, but close doesn't cut with regex.
bowlturner 28-Aug-13 10:02am View
I decided to go with this approach and it does work just fine. Thanks for the help.
bowlturner 27-Aug-13 15:03pm View
The problem is that both files (the ResourceDictionary and the .png I'm trying to reference) are in the same project/assembly/dll and using a dll reference doesn't appear to work, since at the time of compiling, the dll I'm trying to reference doesn't yet exist.

So as I pointed out, I'd have to split my current project into 2 separate projects (2 dlls) to make it work that way and I'd rather not if I can help it.

If I am missing something your trying to tell me please try again. I would love a solution where the XAML and the images reside in the same project.
bowlturner 27-Aug-13 14:15pm View
It's on the right track. I'm doing basically that for the ResourceDictionary. The problem is the resourcedictionary when compiling is pointing correctly at the right image directory, but when it is being referenced in the calling application it is looking for the Image in a place relative to the calling app, not the dll where it resides.

I could use the link but I would have to create another project just to hold my resources so the Resoucedictionary dll could reference it as a separate assembly. While this could work, it is less than ideal since it adds another dll I need to track.
bowlturner 23-Aug-13 9:11am View
So this is all in one assembly.

Throws the exception I listed above.

'System.Windows.Setter' threw an exception.'

I also used the the commented out line in place of the "Source = new..."
bowlturner 22-Aug-13 14:11pm View
The files are in the same project. The project has a DLL as an output, not an application. That is what I was trying to convey.

Both lines give me the same error. I'm just wondering what would be the correct uri to put in there in this situation. The commented out line has the URI that works for my app that uses the DLL so I didn't have a lot of hope there but tried it anyway.
bowlturner 21-Aug-13 17:03pm View
I've yet to use a ValuleConverter. How would you suggest I go about it? I think that is sending me on the right track.
bowlturner 21-Aug-13 11:32am View
I tried your code and I had someone else send me a working example of code. I'm pretty sure that somewhere in my code is something preventing me from binding correctly. I gave up and used a datagrid and it is working just fine. I liked your idea and tried to make it work. Unfortunately I think I have a subtle bug. I hope to eventually find it and fix it. But for now I'm moving on. Thanks for the help.
bowlturner 14-Aug-13 17:49pm View
I've had others who've done similar things look at my code and not find what is wrong. So I've had some time to get back to this and I'm trying to implement this solution. However I don't know what you mean by

You then use a template selector / a style on the list which applies this data template when a row is selected (no point having all the controls displayed if it is view mode not edit).

One, they will always be editable when shown and any changes will be saved so I don't need to be too fancy. What I really don't understand is why I can't get the combo boxes to bind to my Observable collections AT ALL. The dropdowns are always empty no matter how I try to do the binding. Binding outside the listview works just fine though.

bowlturner 9-Aug-13 10:22am View
OK, I've finally been able to get back to this. Have been working on a couple other areas that needed it. I understand what you have there. It's creating new xaml to integrate everything where I might have problems. Thanks for the help. I'll let you know if this fixes my problem.
bowlturner 6-Aug-13 11:14am View
Mostly, but I suspect I'm breaking some of the 'rules'. I understand the basic concepts but haven't had any formal training on MVVM.
bowlturner 6-Aug-13 11:12am View
That would be awesome. I wasn't paying attention, the ComboBox would be just fine to use as well. May even be more appropriate. Thanks in advance for the help!
bowlturner 6-Aug-13 10:55am View
Yes that is the idea. However, we currently are not planning to let the users have an 'or'. Our database can be brought to it's knees with a poorly used 'or'.

Otherwise yes that is what I want to build. The problem is I don't have any examples of how to have the listview with listboxes inside each row all bound correctly.
bowlturner 5-Aug-13 8:53am View
Thanks, but that is where I got a bit of my code I'm currently using. So, no, my answer isn't in there.
bowlturner 22-Jul-13 9:01am View
I can but that part appears to be working correctly. The only problem I have with this one is I can't actually click on the textbox after validation has occurred.