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bowlturner 14-Oct-14 7:51am View    
Yes, I did find the answer, I need to find the code, but the trick is under the image source it needed to point to an 'external' dll, but fill it in with it's own info. I'm on vacation right now so can't even look for the code that fixed it.
bowlturner 23-Jul-14 12:05pm View    
this is the comment that came with the answer above

"you cant get Globals.ThisAddIn.Application in non Addin project. To get application instance in non addin project you can use"
bowlturner 8-Jul-14 14:04pm View    
try pasting in the code with the Improve question link. We could see what you did and need to do.
bowlturner 8-Jul-14 14:03pm View    
if it works in notepad, I would guess the focus just isn't in the right place?
bowlturner 8-Jul-14 14:01pm View    
I've seen answers saying you need row.AcceptChanges() and some saying you don't. Give a try?