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jackspero18 27-May-14 5:58am View
No it is also not working there is an error on move
jackspero18 27-May-14 5:11am View
no bro its not working
jackspero18 5-Mar-14 2:25am View
on which platform you have created Web Application..??
jackspero18 30-Jan-14 0:21am View
Post your Code, What are you trying to do.
jackspero18 23-Dec-13 3:50am View
You want to with google database or with your database.??
jackspero18 23-Dec-13 3:40am View
Don't bump your question.
It's rude and unnecessary. Bear in mind it is the weekend before Christmas and wait a little longer than 20 minutes for an answer...
jackspero18 23-Dec-13 3:07am View
Did you Tried...???
jackspero18 23-Dec-13 2:39am View
ok now when you click on row then you want the info on the EmpperInfo of the selected row..??
jackspero18 23-Dec-13 2:09am View
Use Updatepanel, So it will not postback
jackspero18 23-Dec-13 2:08am View
I have mentioned Mobile Contacts...
jackspero18 21-Dec-13 7:14am View
if Google don't have technical ans my question then i ask my question over here..
so i think i don't need to tell that what i have tried,
and please don't create back links to your website by linking on "What have you tried".
jackspero18 21-Dec-13 6:27am View
jackspero18 21-Dec-13 5:55am View
you have to add SDK tool.. by that you can scan finger & also web cam facility.. i have used n my project is working properly
jackspero18 21-Dec-13 4:47am View
jackspero18 14-Dec-13 4:58am View
page is changing to 2nd or not...??
jackspero18 14-Dec-13 4:56am View
Correct Your Question...... elaborate
jackspero18 14-Dec-13 4:54am View
Check Updated Code.. now
jackspero18 14-Dec-13 4:42am View
when u double click on grid u want grid data on same form textbox or new form...???
jackspero18 14-Dec-13 4:32am View
copy and past that file in your application folder then give dynamic path like "..\files\swa.txt"
jackspero18 14-Dec-13 3:03am View
& i am using visual studio 2010
jackspero18 14-Dec-13 2:58am View
which version should i use
jackspero18 14-Dec-13 2:35am View

Could not load file or assembly 'file:///C:\Program Files\SAP BusinessObjects\Crystal Reports for .NET Framework 4.0\Common\SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise XI 4.0\win32_x86\dotnet1\crdb_adoplus.dll' or one of its dependencies. The system cannot find the file specified.
jackspero18 14-Dec-13 2:28am View
crConnectionInfo.ServerName = "YOUR SERVER NAME";
crConnectionInfo.DatabaseName = "YOUR DATABASE NAME";
crConnectionInfo.UserID = "YOUR DATABASE USERNAME";
crConnectionInfo.Password = "YOUR DATABASE PASSWORD";

no userid n password given to my database while creating so wat to replace
jackspero18 14-Dec-13 2:11am View
what the code is this..... ??
jackspero18 14-Dec-13 2:10am View
may b can u please provide me any source...
jackspero18 14-Dec-13 2:04am View
but it will convert your image in bytes and then stores.... lengthy proccess
jackspero18 14-Dec-13 2:01am View
no any error...bro
when crystal load data its prompting login,
but to my database i din't gave any authentication
jackspero18 11-Dec-13 4:41am View
yup with usb port
jackspero18 11-Dec-13 4:23am View
Exception from HRESULT: 0x80210015
jackspero18 11-Dec-13 4:22am View
please can u provide my Code
jackspero18 11-Dec-13 4:20am View
<httpruntime executiontimeout="360000">
jackspero18 11-Dec-13 3:55am View
Its not scanning finger.....
jackspero18 11-Dec-13 3:44am View
No i want just image from my scanner n i want to save that image simple
jackspero18 10-Dec-13 2:15am View
Submit your code.....
jackspero18 10-Dec-13 1:34am View
you want to bind your grid from the session ID..????
jackspero18 10-Dec-13 1:26am View
You Can't use file upload control in Update panel directly..
you must use trigger for that button
jackspero18 2-Dec-13 1:21am View
Its mean the image still not uploaded to the server.
its in process of uploading.
after uploading 100% then you can access that file
jackspero18 2-Dec-13 0:35am View
C# or
jackspero18 29-Oct-13 5:18am View
No still its showing File name
jackspero18 29-Oct-13 5:18am View
ok.. then when i run my application on Local host atlist on the local server i can get my file path.....
jackspero18 29-Oct-13 3:48am View
ya both..... getting file name not path..
jackspero18 29-Oct-13 3:37am View
no its not getting file path...
getting file name..
jackspero18 29-Oct-13 3:21am View
just simple web application of 1 web page when i click on button i want file path from fileupload control In textbox
jackspero18 29-Oct-13 3:19am View
client side...
just simple web application of 1 web page when i click on button i want file path from fileupload control In textbox
jackspero18 19-Oct-13 2:06am View
hey i think its taskbar property....
so right click on taskbar->property -> taskbar appearance
1. tick on the lock task bar
2. romove tick from the auto hide taskbar
jackspero18 19-Oct-13 2:01am View
You can redirect to your blog to the specific blog link
jackspero18 19-Oct-13 1:27am View
let me try it...thnx
jackspero18 18-Oct-13 6:50am View
i agree with you ya i know about what u told.
Ya i know we can't host a website with copyright materials
its not client website its internship student project.
so if its possible then i'll be very thankfull to you
jackspero18 18-Oct-13 6:40am View
Main thing i have already tried uploading by FTP application
still not working, any other way.....
jackspero18 18-Oct-13 6:34am View
but its Movie & games file that i have to upload.
i am working on music & games website..
jackspero18 18-Oct-13 6:25am View
oh sory...
any 1 either C# 0r VB...
if its in C# it will very helpfull for me..
jackspero18 6-Aug-13 0:09am View
no.. its correct...
LinkButton2 is the id of LinkButton
jackspero18 2-Aug-13 3:57am View
i want this dynamically, if i want to add sis on button click then i will write six in textbox,
then its not possible on load event
jackspero18 2-Aug-13 3:28am View
in design mode i have added three names to dropdownlist,
and in runtime dynamilcally i have added other name to that list was not added permanent
when i refresh page.
jackspero18 31-Jul-13 4:38am View
then you Must Download skin file that will solve your problm
jackspero18 31-Jul-13 4:13am View
Do you wann coding for update data in gridview
jackspero18 30-Jul-13 4:26am View
Pass Check In value to next Form & compare it
jackspero18 30-Jul-13 4:02am View
After Submission Of form
Redirect it To same Page
jackspero18 30-Jul-13 3:56am View
Pass ID by CommandArgument='<%# Eval("Id") %>'

Then Get that id here by Session

if (e.CommandName == "RowUpdate")

Session["Id"] = e.CommandArgument.ToString();

jackspero18 30-Jul-13 3:53am View
Do it By Data Bind Source
jackspero18 22-Jul-13 2:04am View
I Have a Code Bind Gridview with The Code enter in the textbox
and related that code from textbox Gridview will bind.