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BacchusBeale 31-Oct-16 19:51pm View
what happened after turning on debug? did you try clearing browser history/cache or private browsing?
BacchusBeale 29-Oct-16 1:23am View
Why aren't you using SQL Server Management Studio or SQLConnection string?
BacchusBeale 27-Oct-16 17:43pm View
ie6 is out of date, why you need it? This site might help:
BacchusBeale 9-Jun-15 1:04am View
I think one way is with JavaScript to send Ajax request every 10 secs and if the data changed update the new amount.
BacchusBeale 8-Jun-15 4:41am View
Why reloading menu? Doing that every 10 secs would be bad for user experience. Could you use JavaScript instead so only refreshes on the client-side browser?
BacchusBeale 6-Jun-15 8:34am View
At uni, I learned C and Java. For C you need to make your own memory. In Java and C# and any other .Net language memory is managed for you. For C# and Java etc, you need to understand what is an object or class...
BacchusBeale 28-May-15 1:13am View
You should try Google first e.g:
BacchusBeale 28-May-15 1:09am View
Please provide more information and some code.
BacchusBeale 17-May-15 3:00am View
look here
BacchusBeale 16-May-15 16:45pm View
Your need to check the router port forwarding settings. Add the port numbers for you app.
BacchusBeale 14-May-15 23:09pm View
For part 3, controlling a browser externally would be difficult since for example Chrome has multiple processes with the same name. I suggest you look up browser extensions and add-on APIs.
BacchusBeale 14-May-15 7:51am View
what is pls show some code
BacchusBeale 12-May-15 20:57pm View
That's not a trivial thing to do. It's similar to reading license plates. You need to process the image to extract text regions e.g with openCV and then use OCR to read it.
BacchusBeale 12-May-15 20:54pm View
Usually you would run MS Word directly on your desktop and have home folders on a storage server. That way if server restarts, you can still work offline and the server will sync when it restarts.
BacchusBeale 23-Apr-15 6:26am View
I can't see any code to do with checking the key for an email? But the Database SQL connections etc should in separate class and Staff should be another class calling the database. Also, it's not good to call you UI elements TextBox1, TextBox2 etc, they should have descriptive names.
BacchusBeale 20-Apr-15 23:05pm View
I suggest using a Ping Request before trying to connect, so your application is not waiting for connection that is down. If it is down it cannot send any reply.
BacchusBeale 10-Apr-15 18:25pm View
Read this:
BacchusBeale 9-Apr-15 23:56pm View
Do you mean read characters and numbers with camera? Then look up OCR- Optical Character Recognition.
BacchusBeale 8-Apr-15 21:33pm View
Look here It looks very complicated to make yourself.
BacchusBeale 8-Apr-15 20:10pm View
I don't know this language but line 2: "If rX = 0 then set program counter to address #" goes to line 7 and line 7 goes back again to line 2. Infinite loop?
BacchusBeale 8-Apr-15 17:22pm View
The usual scenario is all client PCs ask the server/base PC for any data/articles and the server PC send the data to each client. The client would then notify or call a method to indicate they are finished. The server application should have a list of connected clients with state information. The idea to do via SQL table is not good- what if later you add more clients?
BacchusBeale 7-Apr-15 20:48pm View
Looks right to me. Maybe use INT_MAX instead of 32767, in case highest int differs between machines?
BacchusBeale 4-Apr-15 17:28pm View
If it's a desktop application and you are embedding the web browser the html page can be in local folder. If it's hosted by you or online you need to add the page and navigate to the URL. If winform control use Navigate method; if hosted use JavaScript or window.location.
BacchusBeale 4-Apr-15 5:48am View
You should be reading after accepting the connection and replying depending on the message/command that was sent to you. Also you only read one line, read to end of stream.
BacchusBeale 3-Apr-15 16:05pm View
please provide some code and explain where you are having problems.
BacchusBeale 30-Mar-15 17:38pm View
Did you register the event in the form? e.g this.KeyDown+=Form1_KeyDown
BacchusBeale 29-Mar-15 23:08pm View
why not use OpenFileDialog?
BacchusBeale 25-Mar-15 19:06pm View
I never used it but there an article here
BacchusBeale 25-Mar-15 19:01pm View
Where is the file from? Do you have the code?
BacchusBeale 24-Mar-15 17:38pm View
Read this Then show your code if you have problems.
BacchusBeale 23-Mar-15 14:08pm View
Read this article, may help:
BacchusBeale 18-Mar-15 17:19pm View
If the class you want to call has protected members, maybe you could make a subclass of that class which will give you access?
BacchusBeale 18-Mar-15 16:59pm View
You need to know/show us what are the rules for selecting the order
BacchusBeale 17-Mar-15 16:42pm View
Look here Maybe you need to run as admin?
BacchusBeale 12-Mar-15 18:57pm View
There are many questions/answers about this on coding sites including this one: use the search field.
BacchusBeale 10-Mar-15 23:52pm View
This is a question on website Project Euler, have a look.
BacchusBeale 8-Mar-15 21:10pm View
Why not use SQL instance? Read
BacchusBeale 8-Mar-15 16:45pm View
There are many Google results with references to study and get ideas e.g
BacchusBeale 3-Mar-15 15:16pm View
If you have no development experience you could post this on freelancer web site or getacoder
BacchusBeale 2-Mar-15 18:56pm View
You need to show what you have done and where you are having problems.
BacchusBeale 18-Feb-15 21:07pm View
SendMessage is part of Win32 API. Why not just doing textbox.Text="text"; ?
BacchusBeale 16-Feb-15 19:23pm View
I would try out OpenCV
I used it for other purposes, but there are many functions relating to matrices.
BacchusBeale 15-Feb-15 20:36pm View
look here
BacchusBeale 11-Feb-15 15:19pm View
Look here for examples;
BacchusBeale 9-Feb-15 20:07pm View
It worked on my computer. So console does not close so quickly put Console.ReadKey() at end of main.
BacchusBeale 8-Feb-15 20:38pm View
maybe this will help
BacchusBeale 8-Feb-15 14:57pm View
don't use using around your Sql objects because it is masking any exceptions that may be thrown. use try/catch and trace the stack.
BacchusBeale 29-Jan-15 22:35pm View
exit code zero (0) means it was successful. so where is the problem?
BacchusBeale 22-Jan-15 15:27pm View
What's in Case_Status table? Why you need reference it...why you choose Id=53?
BacchusBeale 22-Jan-15 15:13pm View
We need code of page that is causing this problem
BacchusBeale 22-Jan-15 15:11pm View
This is not a question. People here provide help with code you have tried but don't give out solutions.
BacchusBeale 22-Jan-15 15:09pm View
Have you added the path to Java JRE in your environment variables? Do this first.
Since the program is open source, install NetBeans and import the project and build it.
Then try to run it.
BacchusBeale 19-Jan-15 20:38pm View
Where's your code?
BacchusBeale 19-Jan-15 18:10pm View
I searched CoreServices.Instance.RegisterPopup and it's not found. Need to know about this before we can help
BacchusBeale 19-Jan-15 15:43pm View
Please provide more details and code sample. It sounds like tblPlace is a fixed list of options and both comboboxes list data from the same table, and you want to prevent user choosing same place twice. Correct?
BacchusBeale 15-Jan-15 15:43pm View
Read this:
BacchusBeale 15-Jan-15 15:29pm View
Show some sample data rows, then we may better understand your problem.
BacchusBeale 14-Jan-15 19:58pm View
Try TeamViewer, at least for ideas, integrate into your environment/app.
BacchusBeale 12-Jan-15 18:11pm View
If you're using their product contact them or search their site.
BacchusBeale 17-Dec-14 14:56pm View
Look up hosting
BacchusBeale 16-Dec-14 22:05pm View
The topic is too broad to be specific. They usually stream using RTSP. Look up some existing libraries e.g VLC SDK. They are usually C++ so would need to build a .Net wrapper in C++ and then use it as a dll.
BacchusBeale 15-Dec-14 22:31pm View
this is one formula: % Body Fat = (0.41563 x sum of skinfolds) – (0.00112 x square of the sum of skinfolds) + (0.03661 x age) + 4.03653,
BacchusBeale 15-Dec-14 22:15pm View
to select element id you need $( "#myId" ); as on jQuery website.
BacchusBeale 15-Dec-14 21:41pm View
I would create a Process and use ProcessStartInfo to run cmd and add the commands as arguments. Then redirect the output so you can read the results.
BacchusBeale 3-Dec-14 21:51pm View
this might help: or at least give you ideas
BacchusBeale 11-Nov-14 19:27pm View
That's what the code does. strtok looks for any delim in the list " =," and returns next token on each call.
BacchusBeale 29-Oct-14 22:55pm View
I can't see an error in this code so maybe your SQL query for cmd11 is not correct?
BacchusBeale 21-Oct-14 23:08pm View
It's been my experience that Visual Studio by default builds for 'Any CPU'. When run or installed on 32-bit everything is fine. But when deployed to 64-bit the COM components are not registered correctly. To fix it make a new build configuration and target either x86 or x64. If you choose x86 it will work on both platforms. Otherwise you can make two different builds for each platform.
BacchusBeale 21-Oct-14 20:36pm View
I don't know this language, but your use of upper and lower case letters in variable and method names is inconsistent e.g Conn and conn.
BacchusBeale 21-Oct-14 20:28pm View
Here's another way to separate 3 minimum numbers:
function Min_nombre()
var A=parseFloat(document.getElementById('A').value);
var B=parseFloat(document.getElementById('B').value);
var C=parseFloat(document.getElementById('C').value);
var D=parseFloat(document.getElementById('D').value);
var res=[A,B,C,D];
res.pop();//remove last element
document.getElementById('resultat').value = res;

function compareNumbers(a, b) {
return a - b;
BacchusBeale 24-Aug-14 19:58pm View
I never used it but looking at MSDN syntax is wrong: STUFF ( character_expression , start , length , replaceWith_expression )
BacchusBeale 4-Aug-14 17:26pm View
an element id should be unique.
BacchusBeale 4-Aug-14 17:11pm View
I read on Microsoft C# pages that read-only can only be set when declared or in the constructor: "When a field declaration includes a readonly modifier, assignments to the fields introduced by the declaration can only occur as part of the declaration or in a constructor in the same class."
BacchusBeale 1-Aug-14 0:12am View
First you cannot do bank=="right" in C++, you need strcmp(). What is the program trying to do/ what are you counting? Please format it so it's more readable.
BacchusBeale 29-Jul-14 19:01pm View
do you have sample code or picture to explain what you are trying to do?
BacchusBeale 29-Jul-14 0:01am View
Use 'create' instead of 'craete' or was that a typo?
BacchusBeale 7-Jul-14 0:51am View
I think your question means to say: "How to wrap text without losing or breaking words". Correct?
BacchusBeale 6-Jul-14 21:26pm View
What is 'a:' line for? Did you make declarations public?
BacchusBeale 2-Jun-14 15:55pm View
Are you using Microsoft Office Tools SDK to make an add-in?
BacchusBeale 16-May-14 6:00am View
Are you using SQL Server or Express or you are trying to make your own database?
If using Visual Studio, you can make the database and tables directly and then create a DataSet.
BacchusBeale 14-Aug-13 0:41am View
This is an infinite loop!
public static void MakeCall(string PhoneNumber)
BacchusBeale 14-Aug-13 0:23am View
Google code jam has many such questions for practice:
BacchusBeale 13-Aug-13 20:34pm View
Do you mean matrix multiplication where T = transpose, e.g. (a b c) * (d e f)T = (10 20 30)?
BacchusBeale 13-Aug-13 19:14pm View
Why not just use 3 different Grids?
BacchusBeale 13-Aug-13 18:21pm View
As stated above, if it's through your application- keep a record. Otherwise you can read this: