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Comments by Ahmad Al Halabi (Top 23 by date)

Ahmad Al Halabi 14-Jan-14 2:57am View
it's works 10x
Ahmad Al Halabi 13-Jan-14 13:07pm View
the user is the admin, can i in this condition grant to the "Network service" Group permission to write in folder (in ? or the only solution is to do that manually ( in property of the folder) ?
Ahmad Al Halabi 12-Dec-13 5:38am View
ADO.Net , Should i change it to Entity Framework ?
Ahmad Al Halabi 30-Nov-13 19:42pm View
It Work 10x, but the solution is not complete, i must add permission to the use for the database to work successfully.
Ahmad Al Halabi 17-Nov-13 18:23pm View
Ahmad Al Halabi 17-Nov-13 18:20pm View
Sorry about that, i write an example.
Ahmad Al Halabi 17-Nov-13 18:16pm View
Sorry about that, i write an example.
Ahmad Al Halabi 11-Nov-13 5:18am View
I want to copy function in another project
Ahmad Al Halabi 7-Oct-13 6:11am View
i don't think this is the best solution what if the client add 10 or 20 new field,than i must add 20 field in the SQl !!
and what if client want to add a "boolean field" or "date field" ?!
Ahmad Al Halabi 6-Oct-13 16:07pm View
I improved my question Garth
Ahmad Al Halabi 11-Sep-13 4:15am View
> SetPersonDetails(Person)

Public Shared Function SetPersonDetails(ByVal PersonDetailsList As List(Of PersonVO)) As DataTable
Dim dt As New DataTable()
dt.TableName = "Person"

For Each [property] As PropertyInfo In PersonDetailsList(0).[GetType]().GetProperties()
dt.Columns.Add(New DataColumn([property].Name, [property].PropertyType))

For Each vehicle As PersonVO In PersonDetailsList
Dim newRow As DataRow = dt.NewRow()
For Each [property] As PropertyInfo In vehicle.[GetType]().GetProperties()
newRow([property].Name) = vehicle.[GetType]().GetProperty([property].Name).GetValue(vehicle, Nothing)
Return dt
Catch ex As Exception
Return Nothing
End Try
End Function
I am tring this solution, but it is give an error on : SetPersonDetails(Person)

Value of type 'TravelAgency.PersonVO' cannot be converted to 'System.Collections.Generic.List(Of TravelAgency.PersonVO)'
Ahmad Al Halabi 10-Sep-13 18:53pm View
I rewrite My Question
Ahmad Al Halabi 10-Sep-13 3:14am View
are you have any example ?
Ahmad Al Halabi 3-Sep-13 10:10am View
Thank's :) it's Work
Ahmad Al Halabi 3-Sep-13 3:35am View
thank's Mike, but how i can implement it in query :

FROM [TravelAgency].[dbo].[CustomersViews]

how i can set 'Male' on this select ?
Ahmad Al Halabi 27-Aug-13 4:05am View
I Found the Problem, I am creating stream reader before this function, and i mess to close the reader, because that i can't write any thing ooops
Ahmad Al Halabi 27-Aug-13 3:50am View
the file created, but the value not written
Ahmad Al Halabi 27-Aug-13 3:43am View
PassPath = "C:\Program Files\Sana Computers\SanaPassword.txt"
Ahmad Al Halabi 18-Aug-13 7:35am View
My Error in "myCommand.ExecuteNonQuery()" >>
myCommand.ExecuteNonQuery() Run-time exception thrown : System.Data.OleDb.OleDbException - Must declare the scalar variable "@ImageData".

_query : update Company set CompanyLogo = (@ImageData) where CompanyID = 1
OleDbParameter : length=1
name =@ImageData
myCommand : update Company set CompanyLogo = (@ImageData) where CompanyID = 1
Ahmad Al Halabi 17-Aug-13 10:30am View
okay thank OriginalGriff :)
i should use :
_userCompanyBar1.setData(_CompanyVO.CompanyName, _CompanyVO.CompanyAddress,_CompanyVO.CompanyPhone)
Ahmad Al Halabi 17-Aug-13 10:04am View
Dim mb As New _userCompanyBar()
Ahmad Al Halabi 17-Aug-13 9:54am View
i write it in the Main Form

If Not (_CompanyVO Is Nothing) Then
mb.setData(_CompanyVO.CompanyName, _CompanyVO.CompanyAddress, _CompanyVO.CompanyPhone)
end if
Ahmad Al Halabi 17-Aug-13 8:22am View
i Call "setData" in the user control

Sub setData(ByVal Name As String, ByVal Address As String, ByVal Phone As String)

_lbCompanyName.Text = Name
_lbCompanyAddress.Text = Address
_lbCompanyTelp.Text = Phone
End Sub