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Pratik Bhuva 9-Aug-16 3:12am View
Are you sure you are not missing wrapping your code with ng-app directive? or may be you are missing to reference angular.js file.
Pratik Bhuva 28-Jan-16 0:34am View
Reason for my vote of 5 \n Amazing.Thanks for sharing.
Pratik Bhuva 20-Jan-16 0:14am View
Reason for my vote of 5 \n Good One. Thanks for sharing.
Pratik Bhuva 18-Mar-15 3:09am View
Thanks Faisalabandians.
Thanks for your suggestion now I will be careful while handling this kind of situation.
Pratik Bhuva 13-Mar-15 9:26am View
Thank you so much Sir.
Now I can implement something more relevant than Demos in AngularJS.
Pratik Bhuva 13-Mar-15 8:35am View
Thanks Sir.
I was just worrying about the problems that might occur because of the use of these two(AngularJS and JQuery) together.
Pratik Bhuva 13-Jan-15 9:54am View
Thanks for the link.
Pratik Bhuva 8-Jan-15 10:07am View
Everyone reading this question...
All three answers here are awesome.
Read all answers in ascending.
Pratik Bhuva 8-Jan-15 10:05am View
5ed :)
Pratik Bhuva 8-Jan-15 10:02am View
Very Well Explained.
Pratik Bhuva 8-Jan-15 9:58am View
Short And Sweet Explanation.
Pratik Bhuva 6-Jan-15 4:25am View
Thanks :)
Pratik Bhuva 6-Jan-15 4:25am View
Thanks :)
Pratik Bhuva 5-Jan-15 10:15am View
the value you want to add into a table which consist of foreign key,the reference table must contain this value.(So insert that value first in Reference table and then in your table where it has been referenced).
Pratik Bhuva 29-Dec-14 1:40am View
Oh Sorry I didn't notice this.
Pratik Bhuva 23-Dec-14 8:07am View
5ed :)
Pratik Bhuva 23-Dec-14 7:55am View
Learning Anything is worth. :)
Pratik Bhuva 22-Dec-14 9:47am View
Pratik Bhuva 11-Dec-14 4:40am View
Pratik Bhuva 11-Dec-14 4:39am View
5ed :)
Nice Logic.
Pratik Bhuva 11-Dec-14 3:29am View
5ed :)
Good One Sir.
Pratik Bhuva 11-Dec-14 1:08am View
can you Show your code?
Pratik Bhuva 8-Oct-14 3:26am View
Reason for my vote of 5 \n Good Article...
Pratik Bhuva 24-Sep-14 0:27am View
This all are the technologies which are mostly used now a days.
So you should gain knowledge on all of these.
IF You want to separate then you can separate WCF with others from this.
Pratik Bhuva 23-Sep-14 8:53am View
Pratik Bhuva 28-Aug-14 2:11am View
Reason for my vote of 5 \n Good Article
Pratik Bhuva 27-Aug-14 9:57am View
Reason for my vote of 5 \n Very Good For Beginners...
Pratik Bhuva 22-Aug-14 3:00am View
Reason for my vote of 1 \n Not Clear
Pratik Bhuva 22-May-14 9:47am View
Thanks For sharing this link.
Now i am going read this all to know how it works.
After IDE age what we are looking is just Abstraction of this underlying & really valuable processing.

Thanks a lot sir.
Pratik Bhuva 22-May-14 9:45am View
Thanks For your valuable time.
Good solution you have added to OriginalGriff sir presentation.
Thanks a lot sir.
Pratik Bhuva 22-May-14 9:44am View
Thanks For your valuable time.
its very helpful.
Thanks a lot sir.
Pratik Bhuva 19-May-14 3:10am View
select advocate_name , gov_advocate_id , p.case_no,
--use your table to get count with your specific condition on date
(SELECT COUNT(ID) FROM YOUR_TABLE WHERE (CAST(next_hearing_date AS DATE)) <= (CURDATE()) GROUP BY case_no) as attended,
--use your table to get count with your specific condition on date
(SELECT COUNT(ID) FROM YOUR_TABLE WHERE (CAST(next_hearing_date AS DATE)) > (CURDATE()) GROUP BY case_no) as scheduled
from case_record as c
inner join gov_advocate as g
on c.gov_advocate_id = g.advocate_id
right outer join proceeding as p
on p.case_no= c.case_no
where c.gov_advocate_id = 1
order by case_no;
Pratik Bhuva 19-May-14 3:09am View
when you are counting use GroupBy Case_No.
look at the second query i have uploaded.
Pratik Bhuva 15-May-14 15:04pm View
What is this "OP"?
Can you please tell me.I have read this before somewhere but i don't know this term.
Pratik Bhuva 14-May-14 0:19am View
Try to run this updated Query
Pratik Bhuva 7-Apr-14 9:53am View
From where you are getting your data from dataBase.
you can imagine "TableRepository.GetAll()" as "List<yourtableobject> lstAllData".

in short your list that contain all data which you have shown in your code.
Pratik Bhuva 27-Mar-14 3:25am View
Reason for my vote of 4 \n Good One.
Pratik Bhuva 7-Mar-14 4:50am View
Reason for my vote of 5 \n Good One
Pratik Bhuva 19-Feb-14 2:04am View
I have found my answer by referring this link...
Pratik Bhuva 18-Feb-14 7:45am View
i have got your point.
i have already searched on google before i have post this here.
can i do that for "localhost".???
Pratik Bhuva 4-Feb-14 1:01am View
Yes i have fully qualified page declaration.
And It was working just a day before And still Its working in Chrome but not in Mozila.
Pratik Bhuva 31-Dec-13 1:47am View
Thanks Sandeep
Pratik Bhuva 19-Nov-13 2:40am View
Reason for my vote of 5 \n Good One.
Pratik Bhuva 8-Nov-13 7:39am View
Its strange that its working fine and sometimes it shows error.
i don't found any problem in your web.config file.
Pratik Bhuva 8-Nov-13 6:51am View
sorry , Can't get your actual problem.
Pratik Bhuva 8-Nov-13 5:27am View
Show Your Web.config File of your WCF service AND your client.
problem is there in web.config.
Pratik Bhuva 8-Nov-13 3:35am View
in URL:"" write the name of your page/mehtod and send whatever data you want to send.
i don't know much about PHP so i can't tell you how to handle this thing from back end.
But explore about ajax call in PHP.
the front end code will work fine cause i am using this in my project currently.
you just need to send json data from server side.
Pratik Bhuva 8-Nov-13 2:33am View
You question is not clear.
what exactly you want.
And i haven't heard of "Add Page & List page".
Pratik Bhuva 7-Nov-13 8:49am View
Very Good Explanation
Pratik Bhuva 7-Nov-13 8:15am View
Yes there are lots of samples are available on internet for your problem.
But here we won't do your homework.
Pratik Bhuva 7-Nov-13 7:51am View
Show your code.
What have you tried so far???
Pratik Bhuva 7-Nov-13 7:49am View
Pratik Bhuva 7-Nov-13 3:56am View
Good One
5ed :)
Pratik Bhuva 7-Nov-13 1:14am View
Agreed "Not A Question".
Pratik Bhuva 7-Nov-13 1:14am View
We aren't your employee to develop the source code for you.
Pratik Bhuva 6-Nov-13 7:51am View
Please clear your question.
We can't get idea what are you looking for.
is your Problem regarding to custom control of Asp.Net???
Pratik Bhuva 6-Nov-13 7:45am View
5ed on this & that Link.

I never knew there is a functionality like SignalR for this kind of problem.
I was thinking of doing that by Manually.
Such a fool was i !!!
Pratik Bhuva 6-Nov-13 7:38am View
Show your code.
In which Control you are showing that notifications???
Pratik Bhuva 6-Nov-13 7:31am View
Your Question is Unclear.
Show Your Code.
Show what you have done so far.
Pratik Bhuva 6-Nov-13 7:13am View
Happy that my solution helps you.
Good Luck.
Pratik Bhuva 2-Nov-13 3:28am View
Thanks :)
Pratik Bhuva 2-Nov-13 1:49am View
Don't forget to approve the solution that helps you.
so it may help others too.
Pratik Bhuva 1-Nov-13 9:01am View
Have you Hosted on IIS???
Pratik Bhuva 1-Nov-13 6:05am View
5ed For "Google is your friend".
Pratik Bhuva 1-Nov-13 5:59am View
IE !!! :( :( :(
Pratik Bhuva 31-Oct-13 10:01am View
5ed on that link.
Pratik Bhuva 31-Oct-13 9:04am View
It seems like you are my professor and i am your student to complete assignment given by you.
And still your assignment is not clear to me.
Pratik Bhuva 31-Oct-13 3:48am View
Always Welcome. :)
Pratik Bhuva 31-Oct-13 3:46am View
I don't think any one need to be master in English if they want to be programmer.
Mind well that English is not Primary language for all people.
Pratik Bhuva 29-Oct-13 10:36am View
C Language !!! i love it.
Pratik Bhuva 29-Oct-13 8:16am View
What do you mean by dynamic data site???
Pratik Bhuva 29-Oct-13 8:14am View
Use alerts and check whether your button click event is invoking or not...
Pratik Bhuva 28-Oct-13 8:12am View
Thanks For the solution...

navService.navigate = (new System.Uri("Page2.xaml",UriKind.AbsoluteOrRelative);
Gives me error like "cannot assign because its a method group.

then i found that This should be....
navService.navigate(new System.Uri("Page2.xaml",UriKind.AbsoluteOrRelative);
(just remove "=").
Pratik Bhuva 28-Oct-13 1:34am View
if (ofd.ShowDialog() == DialogResult.OK)
filepath = ofd.FileName.ToString();
long size = (new FileInfo(filepath).Length);

check whether this if condition is executed or not???
and check what is set to your filepath variable.
If your condition is not executed then there is a problem with file uploading
Pratik Bhuva 25-Oct-13 5:50am View
yes sir but i think its batter to use using instead of setting it null explicitly.
Pratik Bhuva 25-Oct-13 3:07am View
sorry for saying this but i can't stop myself from commenting,

Really !!! "Modi" is this famous that people are using his name in their code.
just kidding.don't take it seriouslly.
Pratik Bhuva 25-Oct-13 2:48am View
sorry for saying this but i can't stop myself from commenting,

Really !!! "Modi" is this famous that people are using his name in their code.
just kidding.don't take it seriouslly.
Pratik Bhuva 24-Oct-13 8:24am View
Reason for my vote of 5 \n This is what i was looking for.
Short and Sweet description.
Pratik Bhuva 5-Oct-13 3:41am View
use class level static variable it might work in your scenario.
Pratik Bhuva 5-Oct-13 3:39am View
here you can try...
protected void MyGridView_RowCommand(object sender, GridViewCommandEventArgs e)
int YourID = Convert.ToInt32(e.CommandArgument.ToString());
Response.Redirect("~/Editpage.aspx?pid=" + Yourid);

and on your edit page you can retrive yourID from query string.
then do sql operation for select * from TBL where id == YourID
Now bind all data to textboxes and then update.

OR You can Try is...
Get ID from Query String And then assign it into class level static variable.
class myClass
static int ClassMember_ID = 0;

//here you can use it.
Pratik Bhuva 18-Sep-13 5:43am View
Thank You So much...