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Member 10215709 6-Jan-14 11:49am View    
I got it, no need the key for local host
Member 10215709 3-Jan-14 14:32pm View    
Thanks to all of you for your help
Member 10215709 2-Jan-14 18:15pm View    
Thank you for your help.
Member 10215709 31-Dec-13 15:57pm View    
I want to get all the selected items and store them in database. the problem is that when select I am getting only the first value. could you please help me?
Member 10215709 28-Dec-13 8:35am View    
I saw the link 1, the problem is that how to know longitude and latitude of a specific location. I am making a real estate site which allows the user to see the search result in the map. I hope you got an idea. thank you