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Comments by Hamza Dweikat (Top 8 by date)

Hamza Dweikat 28-Sep-14 7:22am View    
yes I tried a lot of solutions nothing worked
Hamza Dweikat 27-Feb-14 4:02am View    
this is a link to a pictuer of indain numbers
Hamza Dweikat 16-Dec-13 8:57am View    
I have problem when I press enter no new line create and the the text dosent wrab ?
Hamza Dweikat 15-Dec-13 9:28am View    
version 4
Hamza Dweikat 15-Dec-13 9:27am View    
I dont know But I Follow this steps it's generate the tables without any functions

1) First you need to generate EDMX model using your database. To do that you should add new item to your project:

Select ADO.NET Entity Data Model from the Templates list.
On the Choose Model Contents page, select the Generate from Database option and click Next.
Choose your database.
On the Choose Your Database Objects page, check the Tables. Choose Views or Stored Procedures if you need.
So now you have Model1.edmx file in your project.

2) To generate classes using your model:

Open your EDMX model designer.
On the design surface Right Click –> Add Code Generation Item…
Select Online templates.
Select EF 4.x DbContext Generator for C#.
Click ‘Add’.
Notice that two items are added to your project: (This template generates very simple POCO classes for each entity in your model) (This template generates a derived DbContext to use for querying and persisting data)