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Member 10226004 26-Mar-15 9:47am View
can I have any example calling jquery ajax function especially for localization...
Member 10226004 3-Dec-14 6:30am View
your correct but can't we do using a key-value pair using resource files while writing a stored procedure
Member 10226004 10-Aug-14 23:55pm View
foreach (var result in locationresult)
var getcountryid = context.Jobs.FirstOrDefault(n => n.Id == result.Id);
int countryid = getcountryid.CountryId;
var countryname = context.MasterCountries.FirstOrDefault(n => n.Id == countryid);

var template = context.EmailTemplates.FirstOrDefault(n => n.Name == "SendDailyAlerts");
var templateid = template.Id;
//string Subject=template.Subject;
var valuesList = new Hashtable
{"Title", result.Title},
{"Server Url",keyword+"-jobs-in-"+location+".aspx"},
{"Base Url","Home.aspx"},


string baseUrl = "";
Program url = new Program();
string applyjob = Path.Combine(baseUrl, url.JobsUrlGenerator(result.Id));
valuesList.Add("Generate Url", applyjob);
var msg = new MailMessage();
string fromUserName = System.Configuration.ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["FromUserName"];
string userName = System.Configuration.ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["FromEmailjobs"];
string password = System.Configuration.ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["FromEmailPassword"];
string smtpAddress = System.Configuration.ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["SMTPAddress"];
int smtpPort = Convert.ToInt32(System.Configuration.ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["SMTPPort"]);
bool enableSsl = Convert.ToBoolean(System.Configuration.ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["EnableSsl"]);
string body = url.LoadTemplate(template.TemplateText, valuesList);
//SnovaUtil.SendEmail(template.Subject, body, user.EmailAddress);
url.SendEmail(template.Subject, body, mailid);
Member 10226004 15-Jul-14 8:31am View
i want to display top results companyname=dell and countryid=108 and then after remaining results should display so now please guide me how can i approach
Member 10226004 12-Jul-14 7:42am View
not as autocomplete if search doesn't match i want to display the list which is very closest to the search text
Member 10226004 11-Jul-14 10:17am View
PHP Developer, 1 Yrs
Company:Eminent Solution
Location:HyderabadProduct Development, Design his own designs and developed the websites. Framework: Magento: Drupal, Joomla, Ruby on Rails , Codeigniter (any one or a combination). Good in Sql Database. Looking.

I am able to get it right but earlier i used this expression to separate the location first
with the text before it using this expression (?<=Location:).* But now when i combine both it is not working for me. Can you suggest another alternative
Member 10226004 11-Jul-14 9:12am View
Hi George
Thanks for the reply,

I am actually using a third party tool to capture the data - i don't have an option change the coding but can simple apply a small regular expression to retrieve the data. I have tried with the following expression .*(?=[A-Z]{1,2}) but this was removing the last word - Looking.
It will be awesome if you could suggest an expression in the same manner to retrieve only the word Hyderabad - [Text before the second capital letter]
Member 10226004 11-Jul-14 6:16am View
how to do image folder as a virtual path
Member 10226004 11-Jul-14 2:11am View
i need to load the image from local drive without adding the image to a project
Member 10226004 3-Jul-14 6:15am View
because textbox is in repeator
Member 10226004 3-Jul-14 6:15am View
still it's not binding
Member 10226004 23-Jun-14 9:51am View
members means
Member 10226004 23-Jun-14 7:51am View
means what should i check
Member 10226004 17-Jun-14 2:04am View
still getting the same error this column is created in query which is not exist in the two tables
Member 10226004 11-Jun-14 7:21am View
that is for single column but i need the count for multiple columns
Member 10226004 11-Jun-14 7:08am View
how to write query for getting count instead * slecting definite columns
Member 10226004 9-Jun-14 3:01am View
i had written same as above but when i importing function to stored procedure am facing issue if i select complex type for creating function to stored procedure am getting the coulmn as Column1 when am running it showing that mistach of column how to rectify that
Member 10226004 3-Jun-14 2:16am View
am assgigng value to the textbox but when i click on button in that the textbox value is showing null
Member 10226004 30-May-14 7:18am View
i want it in anchor tag click function using jquery
Member 10226004 30-May-14 5:41am View
i need to genarate id for anchor tags in repeator as a1,a2, can i do this if it is in repeator
Member 10226004 28-May-14 6:38am View
no error also not displaying,i think it's not calling
Member 10226004 28-May-14 5:10am View
Member 10226004 28-May-14 5:09am View
Member 10226004 28-May-14 5:08am View
it is a id for anchor tag
Member 10226004 28-May-14 4:54am View
alert(document.getElementById('<%=hdnUserId.ClientID %>').value);

/* Show function*/
$("#s-job1").click(function () {

alert(document.getElementById('<%=hdnUserId.ClientID %>').value);
var dNow = new Date();
var userid = $('<%=hdnUserId.ClientID %>').val();
var jobid = $(".head-links > h2").attr("id");
var saveddate = dNow.getFullYear() + '-' + (dNow.getMonth() + 1) + '-' + dNow.getDate() + ' ' + dNow.getHours() + ':' + dNow.getMinutes();
type: "POST",
contentType: "application/json; charset=utf-8",
url: "JobResult.aspx/Insert_Data",
data: "{'userid':'" + userid + "','jobid':'" + jobid + "','savedate':'" + savedate + "'}",
dataType: "json",
async: true,
success: function (response) {
$('<%=hdnUserId.ClientID %>').val(''); $(".head-links > h2").attr("id"); dNow.getFullYear() + '-' + (dNow.getMonth() + 1) + '-' + dNow.getDate() + ' ' + dNow.getHours() + ':' + dNow.getMinutes();
alert("Record saved successfully..!!");

error: function () {




Member 10226004 26-May-14 9:57am View
it's working,TnQ
Member 10226004 26-May-14 9:33am View
is there any code for sqlFunctions
Member 10226004 26-May-14 9:33am View
am getting SqlFunctions doesnt exist
Member 10226004 26-May-14 9:11am View
Member 10226004 26-May-14 9:04am View
dates =DateTime.Now.Subtract(n.CreatedDateTime.Value.Date).Days

Time span conversion error and want to display in repeator
Member 10226004 24-May-14 3:21am View
i want to get the all the values stored in particular cookie
Member 10226004 23-May-14 8:49am View
Member 10226004 21-May-14 8:56am View
not from the website it should be removed from the URl link
Member 10226004 15-May-14 0:56am View
Cache[TextBox1.Text] = Jobs;
Cache.Insert(TextBox1.Text, Jobs);

Cache.Insert(TextBox1.Text,Jobs, null, DateTime.Now.AddMinutes(10), Cache.NoSlidingExpiration);
string strCache = "";
string strKey;
foreach (DictionaryEntry objItem in Cache)
strKey = objItem.Key.ToString();
strCache = strKey + " : " + DateTime.Now.ToString() + "Cache Expires at" + ":" + DateTime.Now.AddMinutes(10);
Member 10226004 9-May-14 1:34am View
because if the request is new it should hit databse and get results from db and it will bind to gridview,If again i request the it should load from the dataset without hiting the db,am saving dataset object in cache
Member 10226004 5-May-14 7:10am View
am genaerating html page but i need to include designing to that how is it possible
Member 10226004 5-May-14 6:38am View
I want to create .asp pages dynamically by using console application (i.e .exe file so when we run task scheduler the pages should automatically starts creating)
Member 10226004 5-May-14 5:43am View
Creating ASPX Page Dynamically in console application
Member 10226004 5-May-14 5:43am View
Creating ASPX Page Dynamically in console application