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Mayank14 23-Oct-13 1:52am View    
Ofcourse there is a solution file which had everything, the dependencies were set manually by looking at proj references for that project but now projects have been physically moved to new location better structured and also it is not that everytime I need to build them all,these projects are also in separate folders plus some new projects also got added in meantime so I could not use the old solution file.I have used project class before BuildItem and other things but I thought you guys might have some better and faster approach.

Mayank14 23-Oct-13 1:21am View    
These 100 projects are now structured and managed but I still have a requirement to have single solution that will add and the projects and set the dependencies amongst them and hence the build order.Yes it is not compiled ,I am talking about a situation where suppose I am building this solution for the first time.Amongst these project say proj 1 might have reference for proj 2,3 like that then other projects again might have reference as proj 1 and some other projects ,so I wanted to write a piece of code that will do all these and will build the most independent proj first and then like that the others.
NETFramework\v4.0\Microsoft.Build.dll has project class which I can use I guess still ,it is not that much clear how I would achieve what I want but thanks .

Mayank14 22-Oct-13 4:44am View    
This thing I too know but, like I said there are many projects so I dont want to add them manually and set the order.I want to write a code in C#.