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Member 10232851 14-Nov-13 15:00pm View
for a computer laboratory. so that the system may disable/enable internet connections of the computer units. but still they would be able to access the network.
Member 10232851 9-Sep-13 16:06pm View
i have already searched, but i seemed to be unable to type appropriate keywords, so im not able so search for it. @RyanDev: do you have any sample ?

@SA: we are trying to work on a network. is it possible ?
Member 10232851 27-Aug-13 8:51am View
Member 10232851 26-Aug-13 22:17pm View
oh, I see, the reason im askin this is because we are working on a lab monitoring project for a school and what we wanted to do is that when a particular computer unit inside a laboratory is used and some of its hardwares are not working, the problem will automatically be sent to the database and seen by the server. With this, there will be less actions for the students(lab users), and the data sent do the database(problems) would be more accurate(there might be instances where students purposely fill out problems that does not even occur). Before we start our work, i wanted to know first if what we are planning to do is feasible or not. thank you sir for considering and taking time to answer my questions.
Member 10232851 26-Aug-13 10:41am View
how about a device ? is there a device capable of doing it ?
Member 10232851 26-Aug-13 10:15am View
I mean, we're working on our thesis using, is there a way that out system can check if the hardwares on a computer are properly working like mouse, keyboard, monitor etc. thanks though