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Comments by Davester28 (Top 4 by date)

Davester28 4-Nov-14 15:13pm View
Who else could mark if something solved my problem or not ? If someone else searches for the same exception message, and finds this thread, how are they to know what resolves it if I purposely left them in the dark ?
Davester28 4-Nov-14 14:53pm View
I'm just documenting the solution for others to find. I dont understand what the abuse abuse is. I am new to this site, so please tell me what to correct. Thank you
Davester28 20-Oct-14 11:20am View
How did you end up handling this ?
Davester28 2-Oct-14 9:00am View
Yes, in your other form that does the work.... Right after the first line...

(Public Class FrmWhateverYourFormNameIs)

Put a line as follows...

Public bolCompletedWork as boolean = False

(Public is like Dim but viewable by other forms.)
Later in your code, when the work is finished, put bolCompletedWork = True.

Sorry I didn't explain that better.