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Comments by naveen pallela (Top 17 by date)

naveen pallela 20-Dec-13 5:09am View
the textbox.for example auto complete values show as ramu-1547-14-14 now when user click this the ramu should append to the textbox
naveen pallela 20-Dec-13 5:04am View
hii u did't got my question is how to fire
naveen pallela 4-Dec-13 6:11am View
thanks for your suggestion...this is also not happening to me.happening for my friend.
naveen pallela 22-Nov-13 6:59am View
Thanks you Its Working Sorry for The Late Reply.
naveen pallela 10-Oct-13 5:57am View
Thnk u
naveen pallela 21-Sep-13 8:19am View
sry not columns i want records
naveen pallela 19-Sep-13 4:15am View
thank u hypermellow...its working now
naveen pallela 17-Sep-13 9:28am View
ya i kept true also its not firing
naveen pallela 17-Sep-13 9:20am View
its not the problem with javascript function i want 2 fire both the events but selected chaged is not firing when i keep the on change funtion.when i remove the on change its calling the selected changed event but i want 2 check the valiadtion i need to write on change.....
naveen pallela 17-Sep-13 9:08am View
function ValidateMonthandYear() {
var monthformat = { 'Jan': 01, 'Feb': 02, 'Mar': 03, 'Apr': 04, 'May': 05, 'Jun': 06, 'Jul': 07, 'Aug': 08, 'Sep': 09, 'Oct': 10, 'Nov': 11, 'Dec': 12 };
document.getElementById('<%=lblDateofPurchaseValidation.ClientID%>').innerHTML = '';
document.getElementById('<%=lblMonthandYearofManufacturingvalidation.ClientID%>').innerHTML = '';

//this is the selected Date
var Manufyear = document.getElementById('<%=ddlManufatureyear.ClientID%>').value
var Manufmonth = document.getElementById('<%=ddlManufaturemonth.ClientID%>').value
var ManufDay = document.getElementById('<%=ddlManufatureDay.ClientID%>').value
if (Manufyear != "0" && Manufmonth != "0" && ManufDay != "0") {
var date = Manufyear - +Manufmonth - +ManufDay;
else {
return false;
naveen pallela 13-Sep-13 7:25am View
naveen pallela 13-Sep-13 7:25am View
ss DLL is a dynamically linked library which I understand means that at run time another program can access this library to get "functionality".
naveen pallela 11-Sep-13 5:35am View
how to give the alias name for the above code its working fine thnk u
naveen pallela 28-Aug-13 3:16am View
when i keep response.redirect(url,true) it goes to the catch block and in catch block i put thread abort exception also but the page is not redirecting to the result pagee
naveen pallela 28-Aug-13 3:07am View
LogText.LOG_MESSAGE = string.Format("Service(s) called successfully and returned the response for QuickQuote Ref No:{0}.", isValid);
LogText.Print_Log_Values(log, LogText.LOG_MESSAGE, false);
Response.Redirect("QuickQuote_4wheelerResult.aspx", false);

LogText.LOG_MESSAGE = string.Format("Error received from BL.Unable process further.");
LogText.Print_Log_Values(log, LogText.LOG_MESSAGE, true);

lblresult.Text = "Error Occured while processing";
lblresult.ForeColor = System.Drawing.Color.Red;
catch (Exception ex)
if (!(ex is System.Threading.ThreadAbortException))
LogText.LOG_MESSAGE = string.Format("Exception occured while geeting Quick Quote and the ERROR is: {0}.", ex.Message);
LogText.Print_Log_Values(log, LogText.LOG_MESSAGE, true);
lblresult.Text = ex.Message;
naveen pallela 28-Aug-13 3:07am View
Response.Redirect("QuickQuote_4wheelerResult.aspx", false);
naveen pallela 28-Aug-13 2:55am View
i have also kept thread abort exception in the catch block