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Comments by Amir Mohammad Nasrollahi (Top 9 by date)

Amir Mohammad Nasrollahi 18-Apr-15 11:45am View
poor question
Amir Mohammad Nasrollahi 19-Jan-15 0:56am View
i think this link can help you. use another way of linking to short-cut.
Amir Mohammad Nasrollahi 6-Jan-15 12:37pm View
no too like a real competition...
don't worry ;)
this is a competition that we must use and research on old technology..
i saw a solution that they use move(x,y) and then clrtoeol() and then back to first x y position.. i test it but didn't worked..
Im forced to use console and c both!!
Ansi is my last choice so i wait for other answers but thanks for your solution.
Amir Mohammad Nasrollahi 26-Dec-14 5:46am View
what are you looking for? are you talking about LCS Algorithm?
See this:
Amir Mohammad Nasrollahi 26-Dec-14 5:40am View
you can do it but with ASP which you can use VB then. for your answer i prefer this link:
Amir Mohammad Nasrollahi 26-Dec-14 4:52am View
Complete answer for this kind of questions and even more :)