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Otekpo Emmanuel 3-Oct-20 0:24am View
If you are having errors that reference not set to an object, then its obvious that that you are using the wrong name to reference a particular TextBox on the GridView control.

So the best and quickest solution would be to check for each TextBox one at a time to see the one that will throw the error
Otekpo Emmanuel 15-Sep-20 13:23pm View
Then what happens if two persons share the same last name and first name? Cos me, I shared same last and first name with someone that is not even from the same tribe. The best is to create a unique identifier to avoid duplicate results.

If you intend to use Dinstinct rows, then some people names might be omitted
Otekpo Emmanuel 27-Jul-20 3:45am View
You can use SQL Count statement.
Otekpo Emmanuel 27-Jul-20 3:41am View
Give full details of what you want and what you are unable to achieve.
Otekpo Emmanuel 22-Jul-20 9:29am View
Try the following options;

1. Check if the link label or form is disabled.

2. Set the Login form as your startup form, then interact with the link label to see if it execute your codes

3. If it fails to perform the specified action, remove all the codes then just write code to show message

4. Try and add another link label then may be write a code to show message box and see if it works

Give your feedback
Otekpo Emmanuel 20-Jul-20 15:47pm View
What is not working? What errors are you having?
Otekpo Emmanuel 13-Jul-20 4:36am View
Otekpo Emmanuel 13-Jul-20 3:59am View
Ok, kindly post the function so that I can understand what you want.
But, what exactly did you want to do with the date? When you said by a range of date, do you want to check if a particular item has been inserted for a specific date before saving to database? If you can't explain using code then explain using plain words.