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WuRunZhe 18-Sep-14 8:31am View
The main problem is that CPP function make it's local character array variable and send it to C# call back function.

If send null parameter to c# callback, there is no problem. But if send character array variable which is newly created into code, "Memory write protection error" occurred.

I can not find the reason. In c# callback function, I only use parameter not operate it. If I operate it, error could be realized but not.
WuRunZhe 18-Sep-14 7:45am View
Your answer is good but it't not proper for my question.
WuRunZhe 29-Aug-14 5:15am View
Yes, you're right.
So what is the answer of question? What is your opinion?
WuRunZhe 29-Aug-14 4:58am View
Well, original format didn't erase every sectors, it only rewrite FAT table.

"What about Storing trial information on the last raw sector on Hard Disk", last raw sector means the final sector of the hard disk.

I think it could be written before user store data full of hard disk.
WuRunZhe 29-Aug-14 4:46am View
Well, What about Storing trial information on the last raw sector on Hard Disk?
WuRunZhe 29-Aug-14 4:34am View
Thank you for advice!
I also know online approve is the best way. But my program is used in offline states so it's not fix answers. Thank you.
WuRunZhe 29-Aug-14 4:23am View
Yes, you're right. Messing with MBR is very dangerous.
However, when user reinstall Windows, MBR code area is reinstalled also. So trial information on it has been removed.
WuRunZhe 15-Jul-14 8:20am View
Could explain more clearly about each variable's type?
WuRunZhe 15-Jul-14 8:05am View
Well, without your code, anyone can find out the reason. Pls, rewrite your question with your main problem code part.
WuRunZhe 12-Jul-14 7:46am View
It is no needless to say more.
WuRunZhe 12-Jul-14 7:45am View
Hmm, Have ever seen Silk and Opus codec?
WuRunZhe 12-Jul-14 7:28am View
Nice answer.

But, If program have "void main()" function, what is the expected ExitCode?
WuRunZhe 4-Jul-14 2:35am View
Thank you for your answer. I've understood about it very clearly.
WuRunZhe 4-Jul-14 2:21am View
Yes, It's interview answer, you're right. But I want the answer and reason. Why didn't you explain it? And why you have downvoted my questions? What's the matter? Do you know at all?
WuRunZhe 4-Jul-14 2:17am View
Yes, you're right. But how can you explain of that? "Virtual" keyword is used at inheritance.
WuRunZhe 4-Jul-14 2:16am View
You mean, "virtual" keyword could not be used like that?
WuRunZhe 18-Jun-14 3:33am View
Well, I've catched access violation exception message. It is below!

"C:\Users\Default user is not accessible".
WuRunZhe 18-Jun-14 3:29am View
Thank you for your answer! I vote you five.
WuRunZhe 17-Jun-14 0:01am View
Have you ever searched it on Google?
WuRunZhe 11-Jun-14 3:38am View
Thank you for your advice.
WuRunZhe 13-Dec-13 4:40am View
Well, could you explain more clearly?
WuRunZhe 13-Dec-13 4:37am View
Well, didn't you set your picturebox's anchor property to it's proper position?
WuRunZhe 13-Dec-13 4:35am View
Very simple and correct.
WuRunZhe 13-Dec-13 4:33am View
Well, pnlUCContainer is the panel which is located on you main Form.
The button1 is the button which is positioned at your newly made user control.
WuRunZhe 13-Dec-13 4:20am View
Hi, vbvbvbvbvbv.
Chain code? what do you know? Do you want queue or stack which is implemented by node?
WuRunZhe 9-Dec-13 2:24am View
Thank you, but I think it is not simple answer. I'm not good at english, so I could extract the demerit from your answer.
WuRunZhe 9-Dec-13 2:18am View
Personal abuse is no substitute for reasoned argument.
WuRunZhe 9-Dec-13 2:10am View
Well, you said I have to clarify what I need and split it in 4 types. The fourth is "4) something else...". Am I right? My question belongs in fourth. Are you clear?
WuRunZhe 9-Dec-13 2:06am View
Well, parameters of afxContextmenumanger->TrackPopupMenu() is correct.
WuRunZhe 9-Dec-13 1:47am View
Good, but why did you pass character which is over than ascii 32?
WuRunZhe 9-Dec-13 1:37am View
Yes, you're right. But if you have to answer that question to another people, how could you explain it?
WuRunZhe 9-Dec-13 1:35am View
Valuable answer.
WuRunZhe 9-Dec-13 1:17am View
Well, I think "Enter" key is #10. So, ridoy is right. You're wrong!!!
WuRunZhe 5-Dec-13 21:43pm View
Sorry, I've just changed my question.
WuRunZhe 5-Dec-13 21:01pm View
Sorry, I've just changed my question.
WuRunZhe 24-Nov-13 20:47pm View
Very sorry.
I've just modify my question under your comment. Thank you.
WuRunZhe 23-Nov-13 21:37pm View
Hello, Mehdi Gholam

I've seen "hOOt - full text search engine[^]" and download source and invoke it. But, it is not neccessary for me, I think.

First, this is made by C# and I didn't know C#. So I need C++.
Second, from this article, it said, searching 4490 files need 22minutes. It's too long. I think. Thank you.
WuRunZhe 22-Nov-13 22:01pm View
WuRunZhe 22-Nov-13 21:48pm View
Well, I'm not good at english so I could explain what I want in long sentences.
But important is that I want to know the very fast search algorithm like Microsoft Visual Studio uses.
WuRunZhe 22-Nov-13 21:46pm View
Sorry, I've changed my comment just now.

"also, you dont quantify 'too slow' or how many files you are dealing with"

Well, I know to find more than 100,000 files because open source like firefox contains more than 100,000 files.
WuRunZhe 22-Nov-13 21:36pm View
Yes, you are right.

I've mentioned on my question, I started find matching files first and read every matched files one by one and search wanted string from contents of opened file.

It probably takes very long time. I know.

So I want to change my algorithm, but I don't know how can I change my algorithm to speed up.
WuRunZhe 20-Nov-13 19:49pm View
Oh, thank you. But I've said on article. I'm not good at english and there is no articles written about merits on C# forum.
WuRunZhe 13-Nov-13 5:32am View
What do you mean? What is your problem?
WuRunZhe 12-Nov-13 19:47pm View
Sorry, It's not issue.
On OS Win7, "My Music" folder name can not change. Even though I've changed folder name on Windows Explorer, file's path which in "My Music" is not changed yet.
Thank you for your help.
WuRunZhe 12-Nov-13 7:14am View
Yes, you are right. "My Music" is the special folder under "Libraries\Music\" on Windows 7.

But I mentioned on the question, I can rename it on Windows Explorer.
WuRunZhe 12-Nov-13 4:57am View
Thank you for your help.
But there are a lot of headers and source files in Mozilla open source.
And at there, the biggest problem is that there are no header files. There are only IDL files instead of header files.

With this, how can I config *.vcxproj according to your solution?
WuRunZhe 30-Oct-13 23:43pm View
Could you accept my solution with blue button labeled "Accept Solution"?
WuRunZhe 30-Oct-13 21:25pm View
Yes, you are right. But I have logged on the Mozilla forums but I can not ask questions.
And there is now questions about this problem.

Could you tell me how to log on Mozilla forum and how can I ask questions?
WuRunZhe 30-Oct-13 6:31am View
Hey, kumar9avinash.
You said you have got hex file. I want to know something. Your hex file is written in text file or binary file?
WuRunZhe 29-Oct-13 8:53am View
Oh, really, sorry. Thank you for your advice.
WuRunZhe 29-Oct-13 8:50am View
Oh, Two times converting? It's very unnecessary processing.

In my opinion, you have to first detect input variable's type and according to the type, process string with your suggestion and do number process (simple detect remainders and do sth). What about this?
WuRunZhe 29-Oct-13 6:37am View
Hi, ProgramFOX.
If input value is number not string, then how can your code works?
WuRunZhe 26-Oct-13 2:10am View
Could accept solution with blue button.
WuRunZhe 25-Oct-13 8:37am View
Thank you.
WuRunZhe 25-Oct-13 6:31am View
Yes, you are right. I'm not satisfied. I'm sorry.
WuRunZhe 25-Oct-13 2:52am View

But according to your questions, you didn't say that your expression does start with some alphabet first.

Am I right?

And in my solution, I said that I tested on EditPlus. Didn't you see that? Why my answers has been downvoted?

Have you got right?
WuRunZhe 25-Oct-13 2:51am View

But according to your questions, you didn't say that your expression does start with some alphabet first.

Am I right?
WuRunZhe 25-Oct-13 2:30am View
Is it right?
According to your expression, user must input password like this.

First character must be alphabet and the others can be alphanumerics.

Your expression can pass this sample?

WuRunZhe 24-Oct-13 23:45pm View
Well, I see it on "". It says like this.


While it is not clear how the program does its magic, it is likely that it moves the memory to the disk cache. While that drops the memory usage, it also could slow down operations due to the slower speed of the hard drive in comparison to the computer's RAM. It still can be beneficial if the computer has little RAM installed. The process does not seem to have an effect on the computer's cpu usage though. At least on my modern PC I was not able to come to the conclusion that running the program did not affect the cpu usage.


Could you teach me how to move memory to disk cache?
WuRunZhe 24-Oct-13 23:39pm View
Well, I have already seen "" and do that. But initial memory space of Firefox 24 which has no tabs only blank page is approximately 45~60MB. It's too much and reducing method wrote on "" can not reduce initial memory of Firefox 24.0.

I want to reduce initial memory of Firefox 24.0.
WuRunZhe 24-Oct-13 23:36pm View
I already see you suggested url "" and do that. But the initial memory of Firefox 24.0 which has no tabs only have blank page is about 40~60. It's too much.

The initial memory space is not reduced.
WuRunZhe 24-Oct-13 23:29pm View
You are welcome. I accept your advice.

Well, you said right. But I just want to know how can reduce memory space of running process, not just at Firemin's technique.

There is no topics about reduing memory space of running process on google. Can you help me?
WuRunZhe 24-Oct-13 20:19pm View
It's a great help for me. I've accept Spy++ source.
But there are two errors occurred during compiling.

XXX\BitmapButton.c(27) : fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: 'uxtheme.h': No such file or directory
XXX\WinSpyWindow.c(21) : fatal error C1189: #error : "Please install latest Platform SDK or define WINVER >= 0x500"

How can I fix it.
Always believe your help.
WuRunZhe 24-Oct-13 8:39am View
Wahaha..... What a silly boy.
Cann't you access higher privilege tasks from lower privilege?

If you apologize, I could teach you how to access....
WuRunZhe 24-Oct-13 8:26am View
Ya, thank you.

Then, how can I access higher privilege tasks from lower privilege? Is it possible?
WuRunZhe 24-Oct-13 8:24am View
Thanks for your help. The Method you have supported is just that get parent Window Handle from Child Window Handle which is retrieved from method where I've wrote.

You are right, but I just want to know get the top window handle without retrieving parent handle from child window and without retrieving FindWindow API.

Using FindWindow API with class name, it directly get process's top window handle. Just like this, I want to get Top Window Handle of Process directly.

WuRunZhe 24-Oct-13 6:35am View
Hey, sujay5. What are you doing?

Do you want to get points?

It's not right and you are very brazen.

Get your points with yourself.
WuRunZhe 24-Oct-13 6:05am View
Oh, Sorrry.
I've made mistakes. According to my questions, you said right. I'll improve my question. Thank you.
WuRunZhe 16-Oct-13 23:59pm View
So what is your problem?

Calculation algorithm for distance between two points or implementation of algorithm with C++?.
WuRunZhe 16-Oct-13 23:47pm View
Thank you very much, I appreciate your help.
WuRunZhe 15-Oct-13 22:21pm View
Oh, "VisualStudio is not an MDI form" is very shock.

I've seen AvalonDock with you help, but disappointed because it is WPF solution. I long for CPP solution.

However, I am extremely grateful to your help.

Thank you.
WuRunZhe 15-Oct-13 20:36pm View
Dear Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov.

Thank you for your help. I've been seen source code about NetDefender, Firewallpapi and ran it on Windows 7. But it doesnt' work.

I wanna make Firewall run on Windows 7. But Google says Firewall opensource developers doesn't offer opensource now.

How can I do it?
WuRunZhe 14-Oct-13 10:40am View
Thank you for your help. But I've already searched it on and there is no results.