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Comments by Rajput Pavan (Top 2 by date)

Rajput Pavan 20-Sep-14 14:25pm View
I am not sure if this is the best approach to my requirement. If not please suggest one.

My Requirement is:
I have some templates which i want to insert in the RichTextBox on demand. Once user is done with editing the text in the RichTextBox. I will save the text as a document and then user can print or export this document as PDF. But before saving i want to check for an unedited template i.e., a template is added to the RichTextBox but not edited. In this case i want to delete such templates.
Below is a same template:

Phone Nuumber:


Thanks in advance.
Rajput Pavan 19-Sep-14 6:08am View
Thanks for the suggestion, Please check my updated question and help me.