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Comments by Christopher Drake (Top 17 by date)

Christopher Drake 13-Jan-14 12:50pm View    
Are you trying to add a new list item with that property value as a text value?
Christopher Drake 13-Jan-14 11:01am View    
I agree with Jochen. The code builds fine. Excluding GradeBook.cpp from the project reproduces the behavior. Add Existing item to resolve.
Christopher Drake 13-Jan-14 10:01am View    
Basic Game Development is the same in any language. You may want to check out It is uses javascript, but introduces concepts that can be applied in any language.When you are ready, you could check out to start writing directx in c++. Good luck!
Christopher Drake 9-Jan-14 8:47am View    
Are you using MFC? You may want to check the following article:
Christopher Drake 6-Jan-14 8:07am View    
That's the name of the grid where you want to remove/hide the row.