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Member 10279189 4-Dec-14 13:12pm View
ok, you don't want to Help, that's all. thank you
Member 10279189 4-Dec-14 13:01pm View
I want to study Jquery, but bow I have to convert it. I have no time to do this now, I have just one hour to provide this part of project as a work
Member 10279189 4-Dec-14 12:54pm View
ok, I accept it, but anyway, I want to convert this javascript code to Jquery please
Member 10279189 4-Dec-14 12:34pm View
I don't know how to write it in Jquery Plugin, I want to convert this java Script code to Jquery code. thank you
Member 10279189 4-Dec-14 5:56am View
ie 11 browser
and google chrome

Member 10279189 2-Dec-14 14:05pm View
But how can I change the border style of TR ( all the row border ) and not the cells?
Member 10279189 2-Dec-14 13:32pm View
thank you very much
Member 10279189 2-Dec-14 13:09pm View
Thank you :)
Member 10279189 2-Dec-14 13:05pm View
can I make changes on the Font, like Bold font and Bold border to the same row?