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Paulo Augusto Kunzel 20-May-15 15:04pm View
Are you trying to pass a string? have you looked into globalization?
Paulo Augusto Kunzel 20-May-15 14:49pm View
Are you talking about deleting data from a single cell or from a row?
Please provide more details
Paulo Augusto Künzel 6-May-15 10:06am View
Thanks guys,
After reading the documentation again, I noticed that it actually says "Extension methods" which matches Suvendu's answer.
Paulo Augusto Künzel 6-May-15 9:01am View
Hello Suvendu,

Thanks for the reply, although I had considered Linq as a way to solve the issue, the thing that is bugging me is the reason why I get:
"Error 1 'System.Collections.Generic.IEnumerable<int>' does not contain a definition for 'Contains' and no extension method 'Contains' accepting a first argument of type 'System.Collections.Generic.IEnumerable<int>' could be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?)"
And on IEnumerable should implement Contains(). Or Am I missing something?

Paulo Augusto Künzel 6-May-15 8:58am View
Hello Bill and thanks for replying.

I tried to put a quick example fast and forgot to add something with for the return value. It is now adjusted on the example. The same is valid for casting List<>, it is just to get to the part about the error.

Anyway, the problem is that I'm getting an error when building for the text.Contains(), but according to the Microsoft documentation, it does have this method.

"Error 1 'System.Collections.Generic.IEnumerable<int>' does not contain a definition for 'Contains' and no extension method 'Contains' accepting a first argument of type 'System.Collections.Generic.IEnumerable<int>' could be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?)"
Paulo Augusto Künzel 13-Apr-15 15:18pm View
Nice. this is exactly the type of thing I need.

I know, I got caught up on something else and forgot that the button doesn't push itself.. lol.. But I would have looked it know regardless.

Thank you
Paulo Augusto Künzel 13-Apr-15 14:54pm View
You certainly did, no doubt about that. There was just a couple things I would like to from my original question I want to check with you. And yes, I'll accept the answer formally, that is the very least I can do for people who take the time to answer (correctly :P ).

Are you aware of any performance or overhead issue that can come from using optional parameters? Do you know the they look similar in the I.L. (just wondering)

thanks in advance
Paulo Augusto Künzel 13-Apr-15 14:10pm View
Hi Sascha,
please, could you provide an example or elaborate your comment?
It is not that I"m doubting you, but the way I see it maintainability looks easier using optional parametrs. But I might be wrong and that is what I'm trying to find out.
Paulo Augusto Künzel 13-Apr-15 14:07pm View
Hi Sergey,

I totally agree with you on both easier maintenance and me being the one to decide. It is quite unlikely (to avoid using never) that we will come into the need of down-grading the code to older versions.
To be honest, I'm thinking about using the optional parameters. But before that, I believe it is common sense to get input from people outside my normal circle of developers. There is always a chance someone will see something we missed.

Thank you for taking the time to answer my question.

Paulo Augusto Künzel 13-Apr-15 13:53pm View
Hi Bill,

you suggestion turns the example into a better implementation. But that was simply an example, I was looking more in the lines comparing the overloading of methods against the optional parameters on a program that has (on a very simplified level) the same logic as the example.

You are probably right, in the long if it is readable and well documented it should be fine. But it never hurts to ask just to be on the safe side. :)

thank you
Paulo Augusto Künzel 24-Jun-14 7:46am View

I said that the 1st one is the way to do it because I understood that you have a column on the database called "joiningdate". If I'm wrong, please let me know.

Having said that, in the current condition, you could store them by either getting the property SelectedValue or SelectedItem.Text from your dropdownList.

For more information, have look on MSDN documentation. If you are using visual studio, click on the property and type F1. :)

Let me know if it worked and I'll post it as an answer
Paulo Augusto Künzel 18-Jun-14 9:10am View
Wow.... you could have answered with 1, 2, 3 like I asked.. Lol, but I think I got it.

Anyway, if you have a column named "joinDate" with data from both DropDownLists, why are you inserting them separately? Is there something not stated in any code you showed so far or would that be the issue?

To answer your question I would say number 1 is correct. Did you try both of them to see what would happen?
You may want to wrap you connection around a try{}catch{}. But that is another story.
Paulo Augusto Künzel 18-Jun-14 8:28am View
How exactly does the graph need to show?
Would it be on the same page, as a window, tooltip or something else?
Paulo Augusto Künzel 18-Jun-14 8:24am View
Hi member258,
Please help me clarify:
1) Are name, address, mobile and joiningdate the columns on your database? If yes, are there other columns?
2) Do you have 1 or 2 DropDownLists on your page?
3) Is your problem related to get the value from the DropDownList or to Save it?

Paulo Augusto Künzel 18-Jun-14 8:07am View
Paulo Augusto Künzel 18-Jun-14 8:02am View
Please post your code
Paulo Augusto Künzel 6-Jun-14 8:25am View
I'm sorry michael, but your reply didn't answer Ryan's question. Have you debugged it? through debugging you can find errors in logic because it allows you to slow down. Also, please try to change the "VAR" by what you really are expecting to get.. I might be wrong, but sometimes this is simply a casting issue
Paulo Augusto Künzel 5-Jun-14 15:18pm View
By googling "jquery.treeview.js" the first link is a site for basic assistance with this file.
Please at the very least try a basic search before saying you don't know.
Paulo Augusto Künzel 5-Jun-14 13:54pm View
Learn html and css and you will know.
Paulo Augusto Künzel 5-Jun-14 13:50pm View
For yourself press F11...
Now if you want to do it to the user.. Unless it is specifically for a person who requestes.. don't do it.. You will only get people upset..
Paulo Augusto Künzel 5-Jun-14 13:38pm View
Why does it have to be with Couldn't it be through JavaScript and send it to the code behind?
Paulo Augusto Künzel 12-May-14 8:39am View
Have you tried to run the Create statement on the database?
Paulo Augusto Künzel 8-May-14 16:17pm View
Where is the question? please format the code
Paulo Augusto Künzel 8-May-14 16:09pm View
Same question as above
Paulo Augusto Künzel 8-May-14 15:59pm View
What have you done so far? can you show your code?<br>
From your message as is, it appears you haven't maanged to start. If so, you need to learn everything. please look at and You need to know how to crawl before walking
Paulo Augusto Künzel 7-May-14 7:20am View
Hello Arjunwalmiki,

I may have jumped the explanation step, for that I apologize.

I think that is what is causing the issue for you. Please consider trying to compare dates instead of objects, it will be much easier.

In case of having difficulties to compare dates or creating dates for that matter, please have a look on the link I provided you in your answer.
Paulo Augusto Künzel 5-May-14 14:52pm View
It shows you how to not: code, name variables and write comment.
If you are new to php, please refer to and
Paulo Augusto Künzel 5-May-14 14:36pm View
When you debug, what when does it happen?
Paulo Augusto Künzel 5-May-14 14:35pm View
hhahahahaha... You stole my line
Paulo Augusto Künzel 5-May-14 9:30am View
Is that really a repost? Can you send the link for it?
Ashmaaelshabaka, if you are repostingm, please delete it.
Paulo Augusto Künzel 5-May-14 9:28am View
Please post code
Paulo Augusto Künzel 5-May-14 9:13am View
Could you show a sample code? Without having a look at it I'm inclined to agree with the previous comment
Paulo Augusto Künzel 29-Apr-14 6:58am View
When you completely remove it from the master page does it continue to happen?
If you have a scriptManager on a normal page, what happens?
Paulo Augusto Künzel 28-Apr-14 15:04pm View
Please provide an example.
Also, it is a bit difficult to understand you request.
Have you got a dropdown that filter a grid and can't edit on of these filtered rows?
Are you trying to edit a item from the dropDown?
Paulo Augusto Künzel 28-Apr-14 14:57pm View
You have to make yourself more clear.
Your title doesn't match the details of your question, which by the way, are poorly expressed.
Paulo Augusto Künzel 28-Apr-14 14:45pm View
Where is the width of the control being defined?
And most important, where have you already tried to define it?
Paulo Augusto Künzel 28-Apr-14 14:43pm View
Does that happen on the first time you create it or after the first one is created?
There must be something else with that Id. Try to change its name to anything else and check if it will happen again.
You could try to keep these links in a array stored in session, this way it would be easier to keep track of them and their Id.
Paulo Augusto Künzel 28-Apr-14 14:37pm View
When you try to debug the code, does it get to the validation?
If so, where exactly does it start giving you trouble?
Paulo Augusto Künzel 28-Apr-14 14:25pm View
Does this application provides an API for you to connect to?
If so, they usually have documented this kind of thing.
Paulo Augusto Künzel 28-Apr-14 14:23pm View
Hello Shashiraj,
Please, could you provide more details, are you getting any error messages?
Also, if you could list what have you tried, it would help to get an understanding.
Paulo Augusto Künzel 12-Apr-14 16:01pm View
Hello h_alikh
I wasn't really, answering, I was trying to understand better your question.
What do you mean "what is"..You wrote about it in your question.
Paulo Augusto Künzel 11-Apr-14 7:23am View
Hello Aravindba,
I'm sorry if the question seems silly, but wouldn't be easier to simply click on print, save as pdf and then print that pdf if/when necessary?
I'm asking so I can understand the reason you are trying to do this.
Paulo Augusto Künzel 11-Apr-14 7:19am View
When you say that "it looks the event is fired before the div finish loading what is on /Estimates.htm", is that based on some test? What and how did you test?
Paulo Augusto Künzel 11-Apr-14 7:08am View
Hello Vinay,

Could you provide more details of what is happening? Is there an error message? does it happen to any image? what is going on?
Paulo Augusto Künzel 10-Apr-14 10:43am View
This question has appeared in other forums. With the same words and order.
You need to better explain what you are looking for.
Do you want to code in c# for 3d max but not have a 3d max addin on Visual Studio? or is the other way around?
What was the issue with
Paulo Augusto Künzel 9-Apr-14 13:57pm View
Have you tried/thought about the other way around?
My suggestion is, you could create a mhtml page using word.
Paulo Augusto Künzel 8-Apr-14 7:13am View
Wow. How about that. I've tried to "extend" the test and noticed that I can't have ObjectColletion by itself or try to convert between ComboBox.ObjectCollection to ListBox.ObjectCollection. Interesting

Thank you Bill,
That was the final issue to solve.
Paulo Augusto Künzel 7-Apr-14 20:58pm View
That is starting to make sense. Walking through the properties list.. cool
The --> Type targetType = typeof (ListBox.ObjectCollection);
works quite nicely. One thing I noticed when I tried something like this is that you must use ListBox or ComboBox to get the ObjectColletion. Can I ever call ObjectColletion by itself?

Thx.. That's going to serve as a base for a lot of study which I'll still have to do in this subject.
Paulo Augusto Künzel 7-Apr-14 19:27pm View
I can`t agree with that. CodeProject itself is full of questions that people ask for examples to understand better what someone is trying to say. Examples do help. I`m not posting what I'm doing, but through the code given I'm hoping to be able to adapt to my code.
Please don't take what I'm writing as arguing. I'm simply expressing my opinion and I respect that you might think differently from me
Paulo Augusto Künzel 7-Apr-14 19:20pm View
Ok, this is as far as I went:

foreach (Control c in groupBox1.Controls)
if (c is ListBox || c is ComboBox)
var x = c;

var propertyFromControl = x.GetType().GetProperty("Items");

//var metItems = propertyFromControl.GetMethod;

//object o = metItems.Invoke(x, null);

But the getMethod doesn't mean much to me. What does it return? how can I get the Clear()? What if I there are many method, how can a property know which one I want? If there were a couple examples on msdn I would probably have a better grasp of what it does.
Paulo Augusto Künzel 7-Apr-14 19:17pm View
It's not misread. It an a couple examples. The description is short and for someone who is looking at it for the first time it doesn't make much sense.
Paulo Augusto Künzel 7-Apr-14 18:45pm View
BTW, I understand you are trying to help. But saying that something is easy and telling me to go research more than I have is not the reason I joined codeproject. I've seen people asking for things far more simple than this and they got the answer without any trouble.
Paulo Augusto Künzel 7-Apr-14 18:43pm View
I still don't get this PropertyInfo.GetMethod Property from the msdn link you provided. The description it provided is minimal, there are no examples, nothing.
If maybe I had done this before or haven't started learning reflection 2 days ago... But as is it still doesn't help me.
Paulo Augusto Künzel 7-Apr-14 18:04pm View
Thanks, but I've been on stuck on the right track for over a couple days.
I can't find neither material nor people that can help me. It is getting a bit frustrating.

Paulo Augusto Künzel 7-Apr-14 17:52pm View
Yes, I could use
if (something is class){ (something as class).Items.Clear()}

But I would like to know how to do it, regardless of my example being the most appropriate scenario for using reflection
Paulo Augusto Künzel 7-Apr-14 17:49pm View
The same as sergey question.
Paulo Augusto Künzel 7-Apr-14 17:49pm View
Because I want to practice
Paulo Augusto Künzel 2-Apr-14 9:49am View
That is not a question, the sentence itself does little to show what is you concern.
Please edit it.
Paulo Augusto Künzel 24-Feb-14 11:38am View
It's alright. The fact that I can talk about both cases already is a great improvement that you helped me with.
thx again
Paulo Augusto Künzel 24-Feb-14 9:09am View
I'm sorry, I'm bit confused.
Wouldn't that be the searched CASE?

When I meant mixing it would be something in the lines of:
SELECT X = CASE test WHEN 0 AND A = B THEN OneValue ELSE OtherValue END..
Paulo Augusto Künzel 24-Feb-14 8:05am View
Thanks CHill60,

Those links really helped to better understand how it works. It is a shame that I have to do either simple or searched case instead of mixing the logic of both. But still, this was a lesson learned.
Paulo Augusto Künzel 20-Feb-14 6:56am View
Great answer, you have my 5.
Paulo Augusto Künzel 19-Feb-14 10:58am View
Wow. Thx man, you should put that as an answer!
Paulo Augusto Künzel 19-Feb-14 10:36am View
As far as I have tested, yes. But I'm not sure how either IN or UNION ALL perform behind the scene, that is why I'm a bit worried about any unexpected result
Paulo Augusto Künzel 19-Feb-14 10:34am View
That it true, but what I would like to know if this question is something like: Given the same program, algorithm, etc... When does one implementation might get an edge over the other
Paulo Augusto Künzel 10-Nov-13 6:08am View
Hello Anilsharma0902,

That is one of the issues, the other one being the fact that, if I align a field at 1cm from the top and 6cm from the left, when I export it doesn't stay there. I've removed the margins and everything, but the issue continues...
Paulo Augusto Künzel 6-Nov-13 10:35am View
What exactly will you try to validate from the passport?
At kind of file extension will the passport be?
Paulo Augusto Künzel 30-Oct-13 11:30am View
I'm not sure I got this right.
You don't have much experience in the area and you are trying to build a website that builds websites? What have you manage to do so far?
Paulo Augusto Künzel 29-Oct-13 13:05pm View
The proposed solution was down voted. Nothing against it, but still would be nice to know why. Did it not solve the problem? What happened? It is kind of hard to help without having info...
Paulo Augusto Künzel 29-Oct-13 11:27am View
Please put some comments on you code...
What is this previous meant to do?
Paulo Augusto Künzel 23-Oct-13 7:34am View
Alright, totally different "Bouncy effect" from what I imagined from the title and description... lol
Paulo Augusto Künzel 23-Oct-13 7:22am View
I had my solution downvoted but no explanation of why. It would be nice some feedback so I can try to improve it.
Paulo Augusto Künzel 23-Oct-13 7:05am View
I've already done it after your last post I searched on how to do what you did so I could use for any future situation.
Paulo Augusto Künzel 23-Oct-13 5:56am View
on CSS do:
margin: 0px;
border: 0px;
padding: 0px;

it will mess everything, but if the problem gets fixed on the menu, then you know one of these.
Paulo Augusto Künzel 23-Oct-13 5:46am View
Have you tried setting:

height: 75px;
Paulo Augusto Künzel 23-Oct-13 5:40am View
Have you done something already? What did you do? Can you show an example of what are you trying?
Paulo Augusto Künzel 22-Oct-13 12:48pm View
There are many things to consider, like how many time the data is read, updated, deleted.
Also, is this search going to get information that starts with the same value as the sentence or can the user type "one" ad it will return sentences like "done" and "someone"?
What are you bringing from the database?
Paulo Augusto Künzel 22-Oct-13 11:32am View
Sergey is right, you need to improve your question
Paulo Augusto Künzel 22-Oct-13 11:05am View
Fair enough,
If you believe it to be the case, post it as a solution and I'll close this question
Paulo Augusto Künzel 22-Oct-13 9:44am View
Hi digimanus,
I want to keep the performance for the moment my database gets larger and it would be good to have the opinion of people with more experience in the area. It is a big project and there will be many tables.
Paulo Augusto Künzel 17-Oct-13 12:57pm View
SSRS -> SQL server reporting services
After creating a report it provides the possibility to print or export in various formats, one being xlsx. When doing so, for some reason it doesn't keep the distances which were set beforehand, ever. Probably it has to do with SSRS, but I am not sure
Paulo Augusto Künzel 17-Oct-13 12:42pm View
No, the user is exporting SSRS reports to excel and printing from there. Having them printing only straight from SSRS is out of question, unfortunately, so I am trying to see the best way to tackle this situation.
Paulo Kunzel 16-Oct-13 20:32pm View
I imagined it would be something like that but hoped for otherwise.
Paulo Kunzel 16-Oct-13 19:51pm View
Hi Nico,

As you can see from my example, I already have that set. Also, I've tried min-height, min-width before that...
Paulo Kunzel 15-Oct-13 10:23am View
No, but I am sure the people who are looking for posts like this can make good use of it.
Paulo Kunzel 14-Oct-13 13:09pm View
No problems... sorry if I "sounded" rude on my replies. After stopping and reading them I understood what caused the problem.. Next time I will put more effort into better defining my question. Thank you
Paulo Kunzel 14-Oct-13 12:19pm View
I've never said they were bad nor I'm discarding them. I am quite new at this area and wanted the opinion of who already works with it. You probably must have had doubts when you need to learn something new.
If you think that both are good and it only depend on how do I approach them, thank you for your answer, even though I knew that already.
Paulo Kunzel 14-Oct-13 12:02pm View
My apologies, I was not clear enough...
When I mean better, I am trying to ask for something that is easy to learn, has at least a moderate variety of function to work with and a lot of documentation.
From what I have seen of both frameworks, they don't seem to be well know and its kind hard to simply "guess" some of the capabilities or functionalities that I wish to use.
If you know some other frameworks, please provide me a link so I can check them out.

Paulo Kunzel 11-Oct-13 16:25pm View

Please, could you post your code as it is or an example of it?
Paulo Kunzel 11-Oct-13 16:19pm View

It's good that you are trying to learn a new technology, but the questions should be about doubts and not requesting classes. Have you already googled a tutorial, read a book or seen a video about how to set things up on phonegap? If yes, have you tried to set the backgrounds? what happens? can you show an example on what are you stuck at?

I'm not trying to be harsh, but if you read the rules of posting then you now what I mean

Paulo Kunzel 11-Oct-13 6:29am View
Hello Andreas,

Thank you very much for your help, usually I managed to find these answers on the web but this time it was a bit harder..
Paulo Kunzel 11-Oct-13 6:27am View
Hi Sergey and Andreas,

Thank you very much for your help, usually I managed to find these answers on the web but this time it was a bit harder..
Paulo Kunzel 10-Oct-13 16:46pm View
Hello Andreas,

Let me see if I understood, so the WHERE clause is saying that the TNode is an object that implements the IComparable? What if it doesn't? could you give me some extra examples?

Paulo Kunzel 9-Oct-13 15:06pm View
Where do you want it? How do you want it? What have you tried? Do you have any examples or current code to show? You need to elaborate your post otherwise people won't be able to help you
Paulo Kunzel 9-Oct-13 14:54pm View
You seem to be missing part of your script on the example and could you explain what have you tried..
Paulo Kunzel 8-Oct-13 10:59am View
CONVERT is fine.
I know what you mean, but for the purpose of what I have to do it can't happen.

Thank you
Paulo Kunzel 8-Oct-13 10:54am View
It is for a SSRS report and the recommended/requested is to get as much done on the sql side as possible.
Paulo Kunzel 26-Sep-13 13:00pm View
Could you show some examples of the problem?
Paulo Künzel 26-Sep-13 9:28am View
It's perfect. I used the name current to indicate the current node which it would be referencing.
Thanks for the quick reply
Paulo Künzel 26-Sep-13 8:38am View
The idea of the dummy is a great one.. thx.
Wouldn't it cause a problem doing

current.Next = current.Next.Next;

if the item is the last one from the list?
Paulo Künzel 26-Sep-13 7:13am View
Hello Maciej,
It's simply a matter of performance. I don't think this is the best way to implement it, but so far I couldn't do it better..
Paulo Künzel 18-Sep-13 7:09am View
Reason for my vote of 5 \n Still useful on SSRS 2012

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