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Comments by Braydon (Top 27 by date)

Braydon 14-Feb-14 1:47am View
I can't find any other way too.
Braydon 14-Feb-14 1:29am View
Thanks But... I want to display the contents to the person not on the server/website
Braydon 6-Feb-14 23:46pm View
Hey Thanks! This helps allot!!
Braydon 3-Jan-14 16:39pm View
XD Wow I missed that like 500 Times Thanks
Braydon 31-Dec-13 19:22pm View
Thanks for the tip got it fixed
Braydon 25-Dec-13 20:15pm View
Awesome! Thanks!
Braydon 21-Dec-13 23:49pm View
Cool thanks for the tip but it is like you posted of the rim I am asking when I set a variable is it $_SESSION['username'] = $username;


$username = $_SESSION['username'];
Braydon 10-Dec-13 18:25pm View
Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '$my_file' (T_VARIABLE)
Braydon 10-Dec-13 17:40pm View
IT Creates it then adds details to it
Braydon 10-Dec-13 17:24pm View
It is the same thing
Braydon 9-Dec-13 11:13am View
I wish I could accept both but I will see witch one I should chose.
Braydon 9-Dec-13 11:11am View
You make a good point plus I have .NET Installed it took forever but not the answer I was looking for sorry but I think the post above is the winner he gave some places to start off with. But you have a very good point, but I am looking to spend a couple maybe even 10 Years on a project like this I have a team and need some where to start, not to do something better. Thanks anyway.
Braydon 4-Dec-13 11:13am View
Braydon 4-Dec-13 1:37am View
You don´t understand if you worked for me you would.
Braydon 4-Dec-13 0:18am View
Braydon 4-Dec-13 0:17am View
This is for a key logger for my employees I want to see what they type in 5 min so that is why I developed this.

Anyway I make all sorts of stuff VB apps, Web Apps, Computer OS's (WORKING ON IT), ECT.
Braydon 11-Nov-13 17:42pm View
Ok thanks!
Braydon 11-Nov-13 17:29pm View
But where would i put the flag into?
Braydon 10-Nov-13 12:12pm View
But what is /a
Braydon 10-Nov-13 12:07pm View
Thanks you make a good point it helps alot
Braydon 7-Nov-13 8:45am View
I don't have power shell but thanks.
Braydon 7-Nov-13 8:44am View
Well this is a drop box link if you where wondering.
Braydon 22-Oct-13 10:52am View
Ok I got it working but I want to start a session so they don't haft to keep logging in on every page that requires an account.
Braydon 21-Oct-13 12:44pm View
What should I do to my form post or get. And what php file do I need for the login
Braydon 21-Oct-13 12:29pm View
And It wouldn't show when I was logged in.
Braydon 21-Oct-13 12:27pm View
OK I did but it still shows the content but it was correct when I was logged out.
Braydon 21-Oct-13 12:23pm View
DO I ADD this code the profiles page?