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Comments by Nkumary (Top 11 by date)

Nkumary 20-Dec-13 8:53am View    
Sry dont know how to do it?I m quite new to Developement...
But i can tell that i have content on page_load event for which styles work properly but and then i have additional contents begin loaded by AJAX from other page which are loaded afterwards and are missing their styles.....
Nkumary 11-Dec-13 23:37pm View    
I have an external stylesheet..It is a responsive page only the content loaded dynamically are not responsive despite the stylesheet added in the parent page....
Nkumary 10-Dec-13 7:13am View    
Sry but that didn't worked.
Nkumary 21-Nov-13 1:08am View    
The links are useful but the implementations are not for MVC.
Nkumary 20-Nov-13 2:40am View    
Thanks a lot Sampath...U always have an least for my qusetion...