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Comments by James McCullough (Top 9 by date)

James McCullough 7-Aug-18 11:45am View
Sorry, yeah. Saw that AFTER I posted.
James McCullough 25-Jun-18 10:46am View
Thank you. I found some references to doing this but figured I would ask here in case there was just a setting I was missing or something like that. Thanks for the answer!
James McCullough 25-Jun-18 10:00am View
Thank you. It's precisely this kind of answer I was hoping to avoid. As I said in the question, surely I'm not the only person on the planet with this problem...
James McCullough 25-Jun-18 9:41am View
Updated the question. Sorry, didn't realize the question system had removed part of my original question.
James McCullough 1-May-16 2:27am View
LOVE IT! Simple and to the point!
James McCullough 26-Apr-16 9:26am View
Looking at your code, I was wondering if your ROW_NUMBER OVER ORDER BY clause might be costing you dearly? If you're using T-SQL, you could try running an execution plan and see where it's dragging its feet. That might help you narrow down at least where the worst cases are coming from. If you want help with the execution plan, let me know.
James McCullough 2-Apr-16 12:20pm View
There is nowhere even close to enough information to decipher what you're even asking for. I would recommend reconsidering what you're asking, and try asking a specific question; this one is way too open ended.
James McCullough 31-Mar-16 0:42am View
And each one of those incremental steps will teach you a new way NOT to do it until you suddenly develop your own coding style. Make it about the journey, not the end goal. You knew enough to ask on this site which is better than most of its kind (IMHO). The tools are here. Don't deprive yourself of the opportunity!
James McCullough 1-Oct-15 17:34pm View
Reason for my vote of 5 \n This solved my exact problem, thank you!