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bassofa1 27-Feb-14 5:12am View
Because keeping the data in one table will mean that anytime we identify that a new field has to be saved, we have to change the structure by adding new column. That is not desirable if you're dealing with a database which is used by many similar clients who have slight variation in their processes. By having different types having it's own table, I only have to create a row in a reference table when a new field needs to be added. I don't know if you get what I mean.
bassofa1 26-Feb-14 11:17am View
I thought this is detailed enough..I am just spreading the data in TableWithRecords into multiple tables based on the type of the fields - so all dates in one table, amounts in one table, texts in one table; such that to get a complete record(row) one has to look in all the tables - I have no problem with saving/retrieving the fields but just didn't want to do row by row processing; because I feel my query will be slow when I get more records to deal with.
bassofa1 26-Feb-14 9:58am View
that is the way our schema is designed.
bassofa1 30-Oct-13 8:26am View
Well, if it is comma-separated and you don't have control over the file then I am wondering how you can get Pen,Screw in the same column without any changes by your client. The idea of a delimited file is so that you can present data in way we can use the delimiter to get different fields- and your scenario defeats that purpose. Your answer is to get back at your client and tell him/her that they have to add an escape character where they want to use comma "," not as delimiter but as real character. For example, you can ask him to do "Pen &,Screw" representing "Pen,Screw". And then you will handle that whenever you receive a file.
bassofa1 28-Oct-13 10:38am View
If yours is exactly as mine, then like I told you the very first time; your file is rather pipe-delimited "|" not ",". Which is the reason why you have an issue. To get "Pen,Screw" as one Column, the delimiter CANNOT be ",". Clearly it is showing "|" and that should be it.
bassofa1 28-Oct-13 6:21am View
Ok, If I understand you clearly, there is no impact on the value that's being assigned even before the while.So in effect the underlined portion is not necessary. I think you have sufficiently answered my question. thanks.
bassofa1 28-Oct-13 6:15am View
If I understood you clearly, you want to have Pen as separate column value and Screw as a another separate column value. As far as I am concerned, the example you posted is not even a correctly delimited record. for example I expect to see a delimiter between any two separate column values. eg.

ID | Instrument|Units | EntryDate | Comments
2C346 |pen,screw |1 |1/1/2010 |rer

confirm if your example is exactly as mine.
bassofa1 28-Oct-13 6:05am View
Well Noted!! Thanks
bassofa1 25-Oct-13 6:19am View
Well,I think you re-created my code and answered it your own way -I am just analyzing an existing code and have a doubt about the underlined portion of the code I posted. I just want to know if @NextGrossComm contains a value from the cursor at this point.
bassofa1 24-Oct-13 15:22pm View
So if you look the underlined code, will you say there is data in the @NextGrossComm even before it entered the while loop?