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Diba.S 19-Aug-14 4:59am View
yes . I can not debug program on my PC.
but what about debugging on phone ? I did everything that was on microsoft help center. I unlock my developer account and my phone had recognized by PC but I can not debug my app on you have any idea to help me?
Diba.S 18-Aug-14 12:12pm View
thank you, the link was usefull for me but my problem doesn't solve yet...
Diba.S 3-Apr-14 14:00pm View
:| ok,i see what you say but can't understand well.
so,what about this algorithm?:
am i understand problem (and fix it) by this way?!

float det1=((-1)^(1+k))*matrix[1][k];
float det2=determinant(new_mat);

anyway this way has problem too! for all matrix det==0 and show inverse doesn't exist !
Diba.S 3-Apr-14 13:34pm View
thank you .
but what do you mean?
minor return float new_mat[][] and determinant's input is float matrix[][]
Diba.S 2-Jan-14 15:35pm View
thank you Mr.Richard MacCutchan
Diba.S 26-Nov-13 13:48pm View
thank u Richard
Diba.S 18-Nov-13 13:04pm View
thanks everybody :)
Diba.S 17-Nov-13 11:04am View
actually it doesn't work corectlly , anyway that it is from microsoft page but could you please explain more about this?
Diba.S 11-Nov-13 12:33pm View
yes,it should call before
Diba.S 11-Nov-13 12:26pm View
thanks for your attention to my question
Diba.S 10-Nov-13 15:30pm View
emmm...yes,as you explain I did wrong... :/ now could you tell me how should I change the code?
Diba.S 10-Nov-13 15:11pm View
erroe: expression must be modifiable
I'm not sure about this code but I think it's true and because don't understand what is problem I asked you guide me . and why you say it doesn't delete last character?,could you please tell more?