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Member 10376725 5-Mar-21 11:30am View    
shanda watkins, I am not sure what you are saying, how do I make sure my account has permission in SQL? I have worked with a few SQL databases and have never come across that.
Member 10376725 5-Mar-21 8:37am View    
Did not make a difference, still get same error message.
Member 10376725 8-Feb-21 8:20am View    
thanks OriginalGriff, that will get me started. And thank you for taking the time to give me a real solution, instead of a smartarse comment.
Member 10376725 8-Feb-21 7:47am View    
That's a rather silly question from a "developer". There are a lot of things I wasn't sure that I could do in the past, I am a visionary and succeeded in accomplishing them all.
Member 10376725 11-Jul-19 16:39pm View    
After looking at the right information I am running SQL Server version 14