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Xproject187 7-Nov-13 17:16pm View    
I realize this is a 6 month old post,but it fits my scenario perfectly. So I hope no one minds me running with it?(& possibly create something useful in the process). I'm using Win 7 Home Premium SP1(32bit) & Opera(v12.15 Build 1748). I opt for an older ver of Opera because of recent changes to its rendering engine & the loss of functionality in versions 15-16. Anyway one week ago I had to replace my SATA Drve & do a Factory Reset from Recovery DVD. So I'm working with a clean install of Win 7 & Opera 12.15. In my instance Opera's displaying webpages in "Print Preview" rather than a normal webpage display(format). I attempted to attach a "Screen Shot" but this forum will not allow it,so there's a Direct link below & I'd apreciate any consideration & insight you can offer concerning this issue.

PS: Please take note that the address-bar in the Screen Shot contains the words "PRINTPAGE TOPIC"(or you can see it below).;topic=2307.0
(Why does it contain "printpage topic")?