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pwavell 19-Sep-14 5:02am View
yes.But before login page displays i want my mails to be delivered.Its working fine on local machine when i debug and see.but after publishing its not working properly.
pwavell 4-Sep-14 2:26am View
Do i need to download and install "Microsoft Azure SDK for .NET (Visual Studio 2010 SP1)"
as it is said in link you gave ? How to check if it is already installed in my pc?
pwavell 1-Sep-14 8:36am View
you mean i should create a new folder and place all my dlls into that new folder instead of bin folder and then add references to these dlls into my project,and delete obj and bin folder..ok i will try it
pwavell 1-Sep-14 6:44am View
But bin contains some dlls which i have referenced in my project.Removing these folders from tfs wouldnt give errors while building or publishing site?
pwavell 1-Sep-14 6:29am View
i know this solution as i stated above, but i dont want to do this everytime.i need a permanant solution for this
pwavell 21-Aug-14 6:02am View
i want to display count also on top of bars as labels and explain which bar represents done/undone.. lets say in the form of legends,bcoz the status values are more than 6.the date section is correct i.e on x axis.
pwavell 6-Aug-14 5:07am View
How to use Session_Start in Global.asax to check to see if that user is the first for the day or not?
pwavell 5-Aug-14 9:25am View
Published it on my local iis,still returns ::1.
pwavell 5-Aug-14 8:49am View
running on local machine( development server) Request.ServerVariables["REMOTE_ADDR"] returns ::1 but not the IP. and
Request.ServerVariables["HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR"] returns null.
pwavell 4-Aug-14 5:13am View
pwavell 30-Jul-14 2:15am View
yes it is datetime and not a string.
pwavell 30-Jul-14 2:14am View
sorry i forgot to put date in double quotes while posting question but the date is written inside double requirement is in whatever format the time comes it should be converted to "hh:mm:ss tt" format.
pwavell 29-Jul-14 7:12am View
but if i send mail without attachment everything works fine.the mail is sent.
pwavell 29-Jul-14 6:23am View
the file is already present at the given path .I dont need to upload file.
pwavell 29-Jul-14 6:12am View
logging mechanism ? like?.I have a login form..are u asking about that?
pwavell 21-Jul-14 9:57am View
The links didnt help
pwavell 15-Jul-14 9:00am View
web form is on the same machine where sql server is.Is there any problem in passing these queries from front end?
pwavell 15-Jul-14 8:54am View
yeah.After installing Microsoft.ACE.OLEDB.12.0 only i am able to execute the queries in sql server.But is not working from a web form.
pwavell 4-Jul-14 5:53am View
how to type cast from checkboxlist to gridview?
pwavell 4-Jul-14 5:23am View
i have a checkbox list control and a gridview on form.when i click on any item of chkboxlist a dynamic row with that items text value is added in gridview.i also have a textbox inside gridview to display that checkboxlist item value. now if i uncheck that particular item i want to delete that particular row added.
pwavell 28-Jun-14 1:31am View
Please help me...
pwavell 26-Jun-14 3:22am View
downloaded the engine.Still getting the same error.
pwavell 26-Jun-14 3:11am View
after installing access database engine are there any other things or steps that i have to follow or just downloading access database engine will be enough to run my web site?
pwavell 9-Jun-14 4:49am View
Any other way to achieve this?
pwavell 6-Jun-14 2:58am View
thanks its working.i have another query.i want to pass month,year and emp name and get whole months attendance for that employee.
pwavell 31-May-14 3:44am View
i already mentioned i dont want to use data adapter.
pwavell 31-May-14 2:43am View
nope... still not working...
pwavell 29-May-14 9:32am View
this query just gives me 5.Actuly i want cnt in one seperate column along with other columns as given above.
pwavell 28-May-14 5:15am View
where and how to register this event?
pwavell 27-May-14 3:46am View
ORDER BY convert(DATETIME,vdate,103) asc,convert(DATETIME,vtime,103) asc worked for me.
pwavell 27-May-14 3:18am View
add order by vdate asc/desc at the end of above query.i also tried convert(DATETIME,vrdate,103) asc/desc.Not sorting properly.
pwavell 26-May-14 3:30am View
help Me Out....
pwavell 24-May-14 2:26am View
i have to bind gridview partialy and that too cell by cell.i have four different select queries whose data i have to bind to grid.each query has different no of rows and columns.Will it be possible with the standard gridview row databound event?
pwavell 3-May-14 6:02am View
i am using ajax calender control.
pwavell 2-May-14 2:35am View
yes i am using the same combination alt+n.Focus goes to browsers menu bar.
pwavell 1-Apr-14 2:56am View
Thanks for the link but i need to call a function on mouseover accepting some params and returning multiple rows and then display that rows as tooltip.
pwavell 21-Mar-14 3:35am View
the problem is while fetching i get for ex. four records and if user deletes a grid row from front end and then updates it.i just have to find out which row user has deleted and store that deleted row values for further use.
pwavell 19-Mar-14 3:45am View
i dont want to hide all textboxes . i m doing the same thing "trow1.visible=false/true".and i need to replace this code by some proper code.
pwavell 19-Mar-14 3:43am View
issues about hide/unhide.In some cases when they need to be invisible they are visible.i am hiding complete row of table by trow1.visible=false.and i have many rows which i need to hide.
pwavell 14-Mar-14 1:51am View
i have added reference many times.I dont know what is going wrong...Is not working still...
pwavell 20-Feb-14 8:42am View
I have used this code previously.It works fine.But the problem here the gridview is binded to a pager datasource.
pwavell 18-Feb-14 6:07am View
Yeah..Only the checked columns should appear in print..
pwavell 15-Feb-14 6:42am View
pwavell 8-Feb-14 9:25am View
it gives me error "the rollback transaction request has no corresponding begin transaction".Am i Missing something?
pwavell 6-Feb-14 4:17am View
its a user defined type
pwavell 6-Feb-14 2:17am View
@slno and @OrderNo length is ok.and M3 is a table type.actuly the syntax is ( @M3 M3 READONLY )and i have wriiten slno and orderno inside braces becoz if written outside braces the procedure doesnt compile.Is that the issue?
pwavell 6-Feb-14 2:12am View
M3 is a table type and @M3 is its instance.Its a table valued parameter.i m sending @M3 from front end.
pwavell 3-Feb-14 2:14am View
page load and button click
pwavell 1-Feb-14 4:30am View
I have placed the crystal report viewer on my aspx page and ran the application.Still its giving the error.Atleast it should display the empty viewer..
pwavell 1-Feb-14 2:44am View
I have not written any code in code behind.
pwavell 1-Feb-14 2:31am View
not written any code.Just placed the crystal report viewer on my aspx page and ran the application.Not even binded the report to viewer.Still its giving the error.Atleast it should display the empty viewer..
pwavell 28-Jan-14 3:49am View
i have checked dataset shows data.
pwavell 18-Jan-14 4:40am View
not working.if the query receives only one filter condition it should fetch rows satisfying that condition.if i give two or more it should fetch data like
where condn1 and condn2 and condn3 and so on.if i dont aapply any condn then it should return all the records between from and to dates
pwavell 15-Jan-14 4:47am View
working...thanks a lot
pwavell 15-Jan-14 3:55am View
Now i am able to debug my web method but its alert is giving me [object Object] but not data.
pwavell 15-Jan-14 3:51am View
pwavell 15-Jan-14 3:00am View
yes.cant debug my webmethod.
pwavell 15-Jan-14 2:53am View
using this:=
type: "Post",
url: "jquerygrid.aspx/GetCustomers",
dataType: "json",
data: "{}",
contentType: "application/json; charset=utf-8",
success: function (response) { // we have the response
error: function(e){
alert('Error121212: ' + e);
still giving error
pwavell 15-Jan-14 2:48am View
still going into error block.(Error [object Object])
pwavell 15-Jan-14 2:44am View
pwavell 15-Jan-14 2:38am View
alert box with Error [object Object]
pwavell 4-Jan-14 7:50am View
The code is all good..just to tell what exactly i m doing i have written some part of code.i need a way to retain the value(here Date) that are required to generate dynamic rows..
pwavell 3-Jan-14 6:03am View
pwavell 3-Jan-14 5:11am View
yes..still not working
pwavell 3-Jan-14 4:37am View
still doesnt work..whats the problem with using master page?
pwavell 31-Dec-13 2:55am View
i want to call the autocomplete web method from textbox of ajax modal popup but not able to do it.
pwavell 31-Dec-13 2:52am View
ADD service reference option of project
pwavell 10-Dec-13 3:20am View
i have not written anything in code behind on button click.
pwavell 10-Dec-13 2:45am View
when i click the button page just gets refreshed.if i use a div from same page instead of i frame popup appears.
pwavell 3-Dec-13 1:48am View
the columns are autogenerated columns and the table contains more than four columns.i m hiding some columns according to requirement.the columns that datatable contains are
code,name,debit,credit and amount.
pwavell 26-Nov-13 7:55am View
i m binding my gridview based on three different conditions and each time it fetches different number of columns also some new columns are new it possible to add columns dynamically from code behind?
pwavell 26-Nov-13 7:35am View
select min(slno),max(slno),date from table1.
I want to display it as 'From min(slno) to max(slno)' as one single column but in front end.
pwavell 26-Nov-13 7:12am View
Dont want to use select button to select.just left click on grid row and data should display.