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Comments by BBG112 (Top 2 by date)

BBG112 28-May-14 1:37am View    
I need to differ dll access through different namespace. I need this because while i share dll with multiple application. Resources were locked inside the dll.
BBG112 20-Nov-13 7:04am View    
Already there was a code but it was not efficient..
;WITH stored_procedures AS (
SELECT AS proc_name, AS table_name,
ROW_NUMBER() OVER(partition by, ORDER BY, AS row
FROM sysdepends d
INNER JOIN sysobjects o ON
INNER JOIN sysobjects oo ON
WHERE o.xtype = 'IF' OR o.xtype = 'P' OR o.xtype='V')
SELECT proc_name, table_name FROM stored_procedures
WHERE row = 1 AND proc_name ='fnMS_BY_AuditByAuditID2'
ORDER BY proc_name,table_name