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Comments by GinCanhViet (Top 40 by date)

GinCanhViet 8-Sep-22 15:25pm View    
I have tried with few 3D js lib. It works fine but looks complicated.
Then I found this guy. Still CSS but working perfectly.
GinCanhViet 8-Sep-22 1:33am View    
I understand that using CSS will not solve the problem in this case.
GinCanhViet 7-Sep-22 14:30pm View    
Think twice. Toxic behavior from top experts. May codeproject release block or ignore feature please :D
GinCanhViet 7-Sep-22 14:27pm View    
And by the way, I would like some help.
Because of my ability can not do more.

I don't ask you to do something for me. I pay you nothing. So I'm not asking for that.

If you don't have free time. Or feel this is unnecessary and a waste of your time. Just ignore it. Isn't this very simple?
GinCanhViet 7-Sep-22 14:21pm View    
I don't understand why it look like you want to explode here.
I think it's much easier for you if I put a link with a demo than if you have to read a few lines of code and imagine it (and beacause my english so terrible).

About reason why you're angry. I think you should ignore it and continue your work.
Don't pretend to be better than newbies.