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sureshsharma123 9-Oct-14 8:40am View
hello sir
date and time both in same column
sureshsharma123 23-Sep-14 8:02am View
hii sir
i want to update gridview controls values on button click, and button is not in gridview means outside of gridview on a form
sureshsharma123 8-Sep-14 5:41am View
place a value by querystring
sureshsharma123 8-Sep-14 5:40am View
sir its not working
sureshsharma123 1-Sep-14 2:47am View
yes sir
sureshsharma123 1-Sep-14 2:11am View
hello sir
this code is not working
sureshsharma123 29-Nov-13 4:36am View
i save image path in sql database .
my project is face matching.for example when sign up a gmail form after that when login then we enter a user name and password. In my project i save password as an image and match database image ,current image
sureshsharma123 26-Nov-13 12:55pm View
64 bit free trial version
sureshsharma123 25-Nov-13 13:20pm View

in this line give an error that is The type or namespace name 'WinFormCharpWebCam' could not be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?)

please send me answer