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Comments by Rahul 105 (Top 35 by date)

Rahul 105 16-Jul-14 4:31am View    
Set a progress bar with Marquee style with min and max entries.Just check whether the processes is existing in the task manager and when done the progres bar will be hidden with a thread with a sleep of 2 sec just to set some time span to hide the progress bar.
Code as follows:
private void ProgressBarStop()
string process = "ArchivalService";
if (Process.GetProcessesByName(process).Length == 0)
ArchivalprgsbrProgress.Visible = false;
lblArchivalProgress.Visible = false;
ArchivalprgsbrProgress.Visible = true;
lblArchivalProgress.Visible = true;
Rahul 105 14-Jul-14 1:20am View    
When the service is over it must stop.
Rahul 105 6-Jun-14 2:59am View    
I am having date as varchar in dd-mm-yyyy format. Also I ant to add 5 days too the same.
So how can i do this? If its in mm-dd-yyyy format dateadd will work. I want to change dd-mm-yyyy to mm-dd-yyyy format(all varchars)first and then to datetime.
Rahul 105 2-Jun-14 6:38am View    
Its happening in the inbuilt exporting of crystal report to excel file where error occurs on opening of the same
Rahul 105 9-May-14 7:59am View    
Yes fetching of data is from same tables for multiple windows services.