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HobbyProggy 22-Aug-23 9:17am View    
Okay thanks! It seems like I may probably need to go with both options in the future, though, as from reading the links you posted it's always a good idea to start of eager loading and then narrowing down the performance issue.

I'll keep that in mind!
HobbyProggy 22-Aug-23 8:48am View    
Yep, that's what i just found out then, the lazy loading "killed" me. Thanks for that addition on the AutoInclude! Will try that one out.

One question though, regarding lazy loading, so if i go further with migration i will come across objects that have relations 1:n, since i want to load everything on my rest endpoint and then transfer it via json to the web client or desktop client i need to be sure that all data is loaded when creating the json. Is that working out or would i also need to loop through each "possible" item to trigger the loading?
HobbyProggy 22-Aug-23 7:32am View    
Yep, i am stuck. I really don't get it. For my eyes everything should match as expected, nonetheless it seems like it doesn't...
HobbyProggy 21-Aug-23 9:57am View    
Everywhere where I have "IDs" for objects I use Guid inside the DB table, I am sure that's also the case here and I added one entry for each so I could get started with testing.

But I'll double check that tomorrow and post the update to the question. Thanks so far :)
HobbyProggy 21-Aug-23 7:17am View    
Hi OG,

it's looks for EF like an enum or for you or both?
TemplateInformationBase is a class, like shown above that contains Data that is similar across all types of templates I have (5 currently). The specific class for this template, in this case ChangeManagementTemplate contains a property that should contain the object of TemplateInformationBase read from the database.

I should also note that both primary keys are the same. So by rule of design the IdChangeManagementTemplate equals IdTemplateInformationBase. Since both together form the complete set of Data.

Edit: sorry I am currently not able to highligh things in red...