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Knight school 18-Feb-24 11:28am View    
Hi Gerry, Thanks again for getting back.
It does seem to be one of the major issues after check the results (i.e. the issue was the try catch erroring & therfore skipping the move. Obviously un noticable) but it has opened more questions.
1) I was having to add the moves in segment (i.e. a straight line split in to 100+ segments) to get it work & give feedback on current postion but now I have solution to the skipping I don't need to segment the move at all. The one thing I will loose is the current position but is there of getting this from the storyboard?
2) By increasing the move lengths & allow the storyboard to do it thing it can then be controlled better using the speed ratio & this should over come the 60fps restriction.
3) The do while is there for the feedback from the complete to say get the next move (& if I can overcome 1 & 2 I could run as whole story. Which will be possibly easier)
4) At the moment I have skip forward & back to key places in the story & as is it is easier as each move is tepped through but if I join them in to one. How will I do that?

Sorry to add to your support but as always the fix is not alway straight forward.
Many Thanks
Knight school 17-Feb-24 4:18am View    
Thanks again for the speedy reply, I have updated the question to include this is a 3D application using helix3D & is working with the exception of the duration control.
As far as I know (Still very much a novice) pointanimation is 2D.

I will see if I can break the code down more to help but its in 1000's of line (As I said novice & I'm sure it can be done in a handfull but it works at this point in time)

The points are LastPoint (XYZ) to NextPoint (XYZ) with rotation in XYZ (Something all or maybe just one).

Add more detail to the "tried" as I think you may be correct & it maybe for somewhere else & showing else where. I'm still not convinced it fixed but much better. Thanks
Knight school 16-Feb-24 11:48am View    
Hi, Thanks for the quick reply
The points (lastpoint & nextpoint) have been culled for no change but the moves are very small(<0.1) to acount for 3D spiral or arc moves. If I'm understanding you on the dependances the doubleAnimation is for X,Y,Z,Rot_X,Rot_Y & Rot_Z. The duration is based on line segment length. I think this is what you are refering to but please correct me if I'm wrong.
Once aian thanks again.
Knight school 3-Feb-24 10:16am View    
Thanks, I think the issues are linked to the Listview item. So I have got to this which is giving me a cursor change (I think this would be pointing to Drag started but I don't seem ti get to the drop.
Here is where I'm at:-
<listview x:name="Lst_File_Viewer" grid.row="2" grid.column="0" grid.columnspan="2" margin="5,3,5,3" selectionmode="Single">

<Setter Property="HorizontalContentAlignment" Value="Stretch" />
<EventSetter Event="MouseMove" Handler="Lst_File_Viewer_MouseMove" />
<EventSetter Event="Drop" Handler="Lst_File_Viewer_Drop"/>

<gridview allowscolumnreorder="False">
<gridviewcolumn header="File Name" width="Auto" displaymemberbinding="{Binding Name}">
<gridviewcolumn header="Dir" width="0" displaymemberbinding="{Binding Directory}">

Private Sub Lst_File_Viewer_Drop(sender As Object, e As DragEventArgs)

MessageBox.Show("Drop Happened")
'Not firing at all

End Sub

Private Sub Lst_File_Viewer_MouseMove(sender As Object, e As MouseEventArgs)
If e.LeftButton = MouseButtonState.Pressed Then

If e.Source IsNot Nothing Then
Dim myList As List(Of String) = New List(Of String)
For Each Item As File In Lst_File_Viewer.SelectedItems

Dim dataObject As DataObject = New DataObject(myList)
DragDrop.DoDragDrop(Lst_File_Viewer, dataObject, DragDropEffects.Copy)
End If
End If
End Sub
Knight school 29-Dec-23 5:35am View    
Thanks, But how do I use this to tell which coin goes in which pot/Bag?