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jaket-cp 26-Jan-22 4:19am View    
as long as it is an good solution it shouldn't matter - change of policy a few years back
jaket-cp 11-Jun-21 9:30am View    
oops - I thought you were the original poster
this time I done it correct though :)
been away from codeproject for ages
yep sorry
jaket-cp 11-Jun-21 8:49am View    
have a read of this answer it might help
jaket-cp 11-Jun-21 5:51am View    
It would help if the hmtl markup was also supplied in the question.
Also really depends on how the image is linked to the dialog box.
Assuming the image click opens different dialog box tables with the checkboxes.
This is usually performed with the elements unique id.
Can the dialog box id be determined before hand?
jaket-cp 11-Jun-21 5:42am View    
created a fiddle and your answer is getting the expected results
As Patrice T said - what do you not understand