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Comments by Dev O'Connor (Top 57 by date)

Dev O'Connor 5-Dec-17 4:27am View    
+1 @Peter_in_2780 - spot on advice - worked a treat
Dev O'Connor 24-Aug-16 7:13am View    
Spot on, exactly what i wanted to achieve. Really apprecaite the help 5+ for me :)
Dev O'Connor 9-Jun-16 6:43am View    
I have tried without the decorated names but only works with decorated calls but then i get the AccessViolation.

I have tried writing a wrapper for this DLL several times but C++ i do not know, i dont know the syntax, structure or how it is laid out. i dont know how to reference the class object or instantiate them (never used C++ before)

THis is why i tried with the marshalling but that doesnt work. do you know any services that i could supply this information to that could write it for me (even if its paid for) becuase ive spent over a week on this already and getting nowhere fast.
Dev O'Connor 18-Sep-15 4:14am View    
Sorry, didnt realise that was what you was meant to do. I hate having 'unanswer' questions on my profile, irritates me. Ill make sure to improve solution next time.
Dev O'Connor 17-Sep-15 17:20pm View    
Yes, this would be the best way, you can either reference them either via the local directory of the server itself (if you upload to the same site your site is hosted on) or you can reference the src to the URL of the uploaded file.

Both will be sufficient.