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Comments by Richard4 (Top 5 by date)

Richard4 7-Feb-14 22:36pm View    
Thank you KARTHIK this is very helpful.
Richard4 22-Jan-14 11:39am View    
Thank you for your comments and suggestions.

What i have to do right now is just to put my web app to production, so that i can really know what is the problem.

Richard4 20-Jan-14 23:45pm View    
In my Class I declare Dim xx As String = Nothing

I used Global.asax to display the error Response.Write("<pre>"& err.InnerException.Message &"</pre>")

I try to put a break point on my code, but i didn't seen Null after executing my code and still Global.asax response "Object reference not set to an instance of an object."

Richard4 20-Jan-14 8:12am View    
I decide to replace new session data of users every page load. but still i got same error.
I don't understand, i can't control the error.
Richard4 20-Jan-14 8:06am View    
I used Me.Session.Add("con", con)
sometimes it works but sometimes doesn't work.

Is it possible that the session will expire automatically?

<sessionstate mode="InProc" timeout="20">
<customerrors defaultredirect="Login.aspx">