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Member 10457105 19-Feb-14 6:58am View    
my application in ms Access. how to retrive data from excel sheet to dataset or record set
Member 10457105 19-Feb-14 5:57am View    
thanks for ur link. data is in c#, i want in vba
Member 10457105 19-Feb-14 5:52am View    
my requirement is reading all data from excel sheet . ex excel sheet having 40000 rows, have to update each row values to database , please provide code
Member 10457105 12-Dec-13 3:42am View    
grid view have some events row_editiong.row_deleting. row_cancelling use that events to editable gridview.. Go to properties of gridview. click on event(symbol) u ll see row editing.RowUpadating. row canceling... use that..
Member 10457105 12-Dec-13 3:36am View    
thanks amith ya its returning two values.. now i changed the sp. i got the solution