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The14thNoah 8-May-17 10:50am View    
can you give me sample data from your table? and sample query as well?
The14thNoah 5-May-17 16:49pm View    
you should use stored procedure for security purposes instead of putting the queries in sqlDataSource.

Query snippet for your sp would be
and use ID for the WHERE clause since ID column is your unique column in the table if I'm not mistaken.
The14thNoah 5-May-17 16:40pm View    
maybe a code snippet will help.
Is your button an ASP button or just an input type button only?
The14thNoah 19-May-14 3:46am View    
You can use silverlight or html5. .You can use google to search it :)
The14thNoah 19-May-14 3:41am View    
you can use google to search for it. . .internet is our best buddies for this programming-related-questions :)