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Comments by Archana Palani (Top 13 by date)

Archana Palani 19-Aug-16 5:03am View    
i already tried connecting using this line $conn = oci_connect(username,pass, ORCL , 'AL32UTF8') , but no luck.
Archana Palani 8-Jun-15 0:45am View    
Winforms .
Archana Palani 8-Jun-15 0:45am View    
Winforms .
Archana Palani 1-Dec-14 4:56am View    
thanks mr.Richard
Archana Palani 1-Dec-14 3:11am View    
Yes mr.Richard i do agree that i need to modify the code to send response back to the client,but i don't know exactly where should i modify,i already searched in google for sample , i am getting only code for client to server , not for server to client , if you don't mind can you please give me sample for two way communication b/w server and client.