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atul sharma 5126 2-Jun-18 2:55am View    
M glad to unknowingly bring smile to some very intelligent souls.
atul sharma 5126 2-Jun-18 2:53am View    
Thanks a lot for your time and efforts for explaining the matter. It is indeed only happening in production, and that too if I am directly pasting the files to the website folder. If i use web deploy tool from iis and deploy the zip file generated from VS, then the issue does not arise.
Any link if you can provide to know more about logging statements will be of great help.
atul sharma 5126 23-Dec-15 21:59pm View    
Thanks for the reply!
I have checked and the path is correct. Infact filefullname.fullname and thefilename are same.
Also code is working fine when pkg run from VS but when hosted, the file is not deleted.
atul sharma 5126 2-Sep-15 8:51am View    
Thanks for the reply dear !

But as mentioned earlier, I am exporting a panel with already filled multiple tables, grid view etc. And so want to keep the format designed in aspx intact and cannot design whole page from scrach.
Pls suggest !
atul sharma 5126 6-Aug-15 5:43am View    
A very wise suggestion. Thanks !