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Strikerzz Arut 17-Jun-16 10:20am View    
Sorry about that and I have posted my answer below. Using impersonation class won't work. We should use Process to open the Excel in different user credentials.
Strikerzz Arut 17-Jun-16 10:18am View    
The user has the full control over the network path which I am trying to access.

The UNC path is similar to the one you have given.
Strikerzz Arut 10-May-16 14:19pm View    
Unfortunately you don't have any solution with you. Its just about free advice. Thanks for that. I would agree with your points. But my clients will not agree to that. At least, I should give a try to bring out the best solution to this.
Strikerzz Arut 10-May-16 12:32pm View    
You're right. But I just want to hide the title bar/close button. Is there any solution for that?
Strikerzz Arut 10-May-16 12:31pm View    
I am hosting an excel application inside the windows form host of WPF. I can see my application is closing, if we close the excel which is hosted inside it. However, user can even close it using many ways, I just want to hide this option.

@CHill60 I tried the above link.