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Choroid 30-Nov-23 15:02pm View    
Windows Forms AND I should have learned by now that MS web pages are for every dialect Thanks for the answer I changed the tabindex to zero and tbEV.Focus(); now works when the form is revisited or gains focus returning from the frmDialog pop up message
Choroid 29-Nov-23 14:27pm View    
No Error Message When I had the ActiveControl expressed this way this.ActiveControl = tbEV;
with the return statement used upon closing the frmStart I would get a error at the
this.ActiveControl = tbEV; So I removed the this statement and the return was not needed
I agree too much happening will try to comment out the If Else routine Thanks
Choroid 14-Nov-23 13:22pm View    
Andre Oosthuizen It is data from one table to another table in the same DB
If you read the first line in the Private Sub DataPull() that explains it all
Choroid 13-Nov-23 16:47pm View    
Richard I posted and answer sort of. I feel a little ashamed it was AI generated code I found and did not notice till after I refactored it a little and went back to the site I copied it from
I still do not know how to use ImportRow and I am trying to workout how to fix this codes one
short coming
Choroid 12-Nov-23 13:15pm View    
Thought about that but just really want to learn how Clone & Copy OR importrow work