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Member 10549164 6-Feb-20 12:05pm View
Hi Richard,
Can I please get the min.js code of following jquery.validate.unobtrusive.js code

1) error.text(error.text().substr(error.text().indexOf("|") + 1));

because I am not finding the equivalent function to .text in the intellisense in min.js file.
Member 10549164 6-Feb-20 11:54am View
Thanks a ton Richard, The min file was not having the update.
I want to let you know what's happening on server.
The build pushed both files out to the server. By default it attempted to load the min file which didnt have the modification. When I removed the min file from the solution on Dev the code is working perfectly. I am surprised that locally our machine is taking the regular file over the min file.

So locally it was taking regular file and on server its loading from min.js..

Thanks a lot again. I will update the min file.
Member 10549164 6-Feb-20 11:21am View
Thank You. I will check on server and update which version of script is loaded on server.
Member 10549164 6-Feb-20 11:01am View
Hi Richard,
Thank you. I accidentally pasted in the solution part., also when I am trying to delete, the whole post is getting deleted.

Member 10549164 6-Feb-20 10:49am View
The tag is disappearing in the line for some reason.
My question again..can you please let me know why the '|' symbol ()in the validation message) is not being replaced when deployed on servers. It is replaced correctly when run in local host.
Member 10549164 6-Feb-20 10:45am View
Yes. thanks what you have assumed is correct.. Iam trying to paste the line again down here

$("").html(this.message.replace('|', '')).appendTo(list);
Member 10549164 6-Feb-20 10:21am View
Hi Richard,

Please find code in jquery.validate.unobtrusive.js file.

(function ($) {
var $jQval = $.validator,
data_validation = "unobtrusiveValidation";

function setValidationValues(options, ruleName, value) {
options.rules[ruleName] = value;
if (options.message) {
options.messages[ruleName] = options.message;

function splitAndTrim(value) {
return value.replace(/^\s+|\s+$/g, "").split(/\s*,\s*/g);

function escapeAttributeValue(value) {
// As mentioned on
return value.replace(/([!"#$%&'()*+,./:;<=>?@\[\\\]^`{|}~])/g, "\\$1");

function getModelPrefix(fieldName) {
return fieldName.substr(0, fieldName.lastIndexOf(".") + 1);

function appendModelPrefix(value, prefix) {
if (value.indexOf("*.") === 0) {
value = value.replace("*.", prefix);
return value;

function onError(error, inputElement) { // 'this' is the form element
var container = $(this).find("[data-valmsg-for='" + escapeAttributeValue(inputElement[0].name) + "']"),
replaceAttrValue = container.attr("data-valmsg-replace"),
replace = replaceAttrValue ? $.parseJSON(replaceAttrValue) !== false : null;

container.removeClass("field-validation-valid").addClass("field-validation-error");"unobtrusiveContainer", container);

if (replace) {
else {

error.text(error.text().substr(error.text().indexOf("|") + 1));

function onErrors(event, validator) { // 'this' is the form element
var container = $(this).find("[data-valmsg-summary=true]"),
list = container.find("ul");

if (list && list.length && validator.errorList.length) {

$.each(validator.errorList, function () {
$("").html(this.message.replace('|', '')).appendTo(list);

function onSuccess(error) { // 'this' is the form element
var container ="unobtrusiveContainer"),
replaceAttrValue = container.attr("data-valmsg-replace"),
replace = replaceAttrValue ? $.parseJSON(replaceAttrValue) : null;

if (container) {

if (replace) {
Member 10549164 5-Feb-20 15:56pm View
Its not throwing any error. But the jquery code above, to replace the '|' char to ' ' is not working. The message "Chief Executive - |Name is required" is displayed in validation summary as well as beside textbox.