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Comments by Krishna Veni (Top 75 by date)

Krishna Veni 14-May-24 12:33pm View

This api failed to cal that is ERR_INTERNET_DISCONNECTED errorcode. i want to handle this. using catch not possible. Any
google map api error event handler is there ?
Krishna Veni 14-May-24 12:08pm View    
Thanks for offline event but my intention is i dont want to check application offline/online. mostly api failed to fetch the api if application offline but i want to show custom message if failed fetch the api based on that api failed response but i dont want to check application offline/online event. If there is another solution,please help me. thanks
Krishna Veni 14-May-24 7:49am View    
'place_changed' event can not execute if application in offline thats why try and catch not used inside 'place_changed' event . Predications can not get from this api if application offline. Please helpme. Thanks
Krishna Veni 13-May-24 12:37pm View    
please reply how to handle
Krishna Veni 7-May-24 13:02pm View    
The visibilitychange event does not directly capture browser window close or tab close events. Instead, it responds to changes in the visibility state of the document, which can occur when the user switches tabs, minimizes the browser window, or switches to another application. but i need for when window closed/application tab close/when browser refresh