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Comments by Mathi Mani (Top 69 by date)

Mathi Mani 12-Apr-16 14:06pm View    
I do not understand, why your code uses the command object with query set only once, for filling dataset/datatable and running non-query. You might want to check that. Use debugger to see what is really causing the issue and finally, as Richard mentioned, remove the username and password from the posted code.
Mathi Mani 12-Apr-16 13:28pm View    
Ok, but what is the question?
Mathi Mani 31-Mar-16 17:26pm View    
Seems like the source path is incorrect. Should it be a relative path, beginning with "~"?
Mathi Mani 23-Mar-16 16:40pm View    
You are calling Test.aspx and you are getting the page content. It seems like it is working correct. May be if that is not what you want, then change the URL to the correct one.
Mathi Mani 23-Mar-16 13:58pm View    
The example is using JSON, but you are expecting XML. Try changing the dataType to XML and see what happens.