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Janardhanam Julapalli 11-Apr-19 6:14am View
sure. I will do that.
Janardhanam Julapalli 11-Apr-19 5:14am View
Its working in chrome. Thank You so much.
Janardhanam Julapalli 11-Apr-19 5:05am View
I have given permission. Also nothing in console apart from the log messages I gave. Browser related problem? Using safari now.
Janardhanam Julapalli 11-Apr-19 3:47am View
if (navigator.geolocation) {
console.log('in');//this is printing
navigator.geolocation.getCurrentPosition(function(position) {
console.log('in in');//this is not printing

This is the actual problem. Earlier I read that getCurrentPosition() will not work with http. Now I have https but still not working.
Janardhanam Julapalli 11-Apr-19 3:42am View
I have tried something like you have mentioned above. Now I have used the code which you have given.

function getCurrentLatLang(){
var map, infoWindow;

infoWindow = new google.maps.InfoWindow;

// Try HTML5 geolocation.
if (navigator.geolocation) {
navigator.geolocation.getCurrentPosition(function(position) {

var Lat = position.coords.latitude;
var Long = position.coords.longitude;

}, function() {
console.log('error');//this line being executed
} else {

// Browser doesn't support Geolocation


function getGeoLocation(latitude,longitude){
var map;
// var latitude = 13.0547712;
// var longitude = 80.2578432;
var myLatlng = new google.maps.LatLng(latitude,longitude);
var myOptions = {
zoom: 17,
center: myLatlng,
mapTypeId: google.maps.MapTypeId.SATELLITE

map = new google.maps.Map(document.getElementById('map_div'),

// marker STARTS
var marker = new google.maps.Marker({
position: myLatlng,
title:"Click to view info!"
// marker ENDS
google.maps.event.addListener(map, "click", function (e) {

//lat and lng is available in e object
var latLng = e.latLng;
var lat =;
var lang = e.latLng.lng();
// google.maps.event.addDomListener(window, 'load', initialize);
Janardhanam Julapalli 13-Dec-18 0:58am View
you are right. I did that mistakenly.
Janardhanam Julapalli 25-Aug-16 6:43am View
I am getting the json response properly in localhost but not in Server. Also the names like Abacavir 5’-β-D-Glucuronide Sodium Salt are coming as null. If I remove the single quote after the letter 5 it is displaying the name.
Janardhanam Julapalli 9-Jun-15 7:47am View
I hope it works. sorry If am wrong!
Janardhanam Julapalli 24-Apr-15 5:48am View
In the above code I need to replace the src with dynamic values coming from database(php).How can I do this? Quick help required!Thanks in Advance.
Janardhanam Julapalli 25-Feb-15 9:18am View
Any way thanks for the reply. Nice to have experts like u people for help.
Janardhanam Julapalli 25-Feb-15 9:16am View
Spot on @Richard Deeming! I already fixed the issue. I have noticed this array in the debugger and it is giving as undefined. I have changed my web service call like this:
return json_encode($project_ar_response);
instead of
return json_encode(array($project_ar_response));.
Janardhanam Julapalli 25-Feb-15 7:52am View
function CreateProperties(jsonData)
Here jsonData is having all the values like
0: Object
1: Object
2: Object
3: Object
4: Object
5: Object
Janardhanam Julapalli 25-Feb-15 7:48am View
When debugger goes to the for loop, it stops there only. It is not moving to the next step.
Janardhanam Julapalli 25-Feb-15 7:43am View
any one please help me out ASAP. Because of this I struck in the middle of the module.I have few more steps to do.
Janardhanam Julapalli 25-Feb-15 7:27am View
I have updated my question clearly.
Janardhanam Julapalli 25-Feb-15 7:09am View
just inside a div
Janardhanam Julapalli 25-Feb-15 7:06am View
This is my json data
[{"status":"1","error":"0","data":[{"project_id":"1","project_name":"Hoysala ACE Phase II","project_ar_url":"\/projects_data\/villa\/2BHK.wt3","project_ar_type":"Apartment","project_ar_title":"Exterior","project_marker":"\/projects_data\/marker\/"},{"project_id":"2","project_name":"WILASA Aikya","project_ar_url":"\/projects_data\/villa\/table.wt3","project_ar_type":"Plots","project_ar_title":"Exterior","project_marker":"\/projects_data\/marker\/"},{"project_id":"3","project_name":"Bluejay Ardley","project_ar_url":"\/projects_data\/villa\/villa.wt3","project_ar_type":"Villa","project_ar_title":"Interior","project_marker":"\/projects_data\/marker\/"},{"project_id":"4","project_name":"Hoysala Habitat","project_ar_url":"\/projects_data\/villa\/seater_sofa.wt3","project_ar_type":"Apartment","project_ar_title":"360 Model","project_marker":"\/projects_data\/marker\/"},{"project_id":"5","project_name":"AVS","project_ar_url":"\/projects_data\/villa\/bedroom.wt3","project_ar_type":"Villa","project_ar_title":"Exterior","project_marker":"\/projects_data\/marker\/"},{"project_id":"6","project_name":"JSONS","project_ar_url":"\/projects_data\/villa\/bedroom.wt3","project_ar_type":"Villa","project_ar_title":"Exterior","project_marker":"\/projects_data\/marker\/"}]}]
Janardhanam Julapalli 21-Feb-15 1:45am View
This is working for me
Janardhanam Julapalli 21-Feb-15 1:43am View
<script type="text/javascript">
jQuery(document).ready(function () {
var str = jQuery(location).attr('href');
var url_ProjectId = str.split("=")[1];

var url = "";
url: url,
dataType: 'json',
success: function (data, textStatus, jqxhr) {
error: function (jqxhr, textStatus, errorMessage) {

jQuery('#content').click(function () {


function CreateProperties(jsonData) {
for (var i = 0; i <; i++) {

var designString = '<div class="project_info">' +

' +[i].project_name + '

' +
'<p>' +[i].project_ar_type + '</p>' +
' +[i].project_ar_title + '</p>' +

Janardhanam Julapalli 21-Feb-15 0:10am View
How can I compare this value with the value inside the json data. That is my main problem.That is reason y I posted this question.
Janardhanam Julapalli 20-Feb-15 6:12am View
am I doing it right?
Janardhanam Julapalli 20-Feb-15 6:12am View
function CreateProperties(jsonData) {
var items =;

jQuery( () {
var CurrentProjId = jQuery(this)[0].project_id;
if (CurrentProjId = url) {
//$(this)[0] is the data you want
var project_name=items[i].project_name;
Janardhanam Julapalli 20-Feb-15 5:25am View
@mgl chandra sekhar -- if(id==url)

var project_name=items[i].project_name;


this part is being skipped. I noticed in console.
Janardhanam Julapalli 20-Feb-15 5:13am View
please have a look at the question.I have updated it just now!
Janardhanam Julapalli 17-Feb-15 6:21am View
type: 'GET',
url: 'projectNamesDropdown.php',
dataType: 'JSON',
="" jquery('#project_name').append('&lt;option="" value="+ data[i].project_name+">' + data[i].project_name + '</option>');
Janardhanam Julapalli 17-Feb-15 6:19am View
y the value breaks down into pieces.How can I prevent that in jQuery ajax append.
Janardhanam Julapalli 17-Feb-15 6:19am View
<option name="project_name" value="Hoysala" ace="" phase="" ii="">Hoysala ACE Phase II</option>
Janardhanam Julapalli 17-Feb-15 6:16am View
Thank You for the reply.Thats fixed now.CORS helps.
Janardhanam Julapalli 17-Feb-15 6:00am View
May be because of cross-domain.How can I solve it.
Janardhanam Julapalli 17-Feb-15 5:59am View
may I know y this error is coming in console.
XMLHttpRequest cannot load No 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' header is present on the requested resource. Origin 'http://localhost' is therefore not allowed access.
Janardhanam Julapalli 17-Feb-15 5:10am View
Sorry that I disturbed u and stolen some valuable time. I was doing a thing that is absolutely not needed. My superiors misdirected me. They need only the path and they are telling that now.
Janardhanam Julapalli 17-Feb-15 2:10am View
I fixed those.Now I am getting a bulk of encoded chars as output when I use fopen or fread or file_get_contents
Janardhanam Julapalli 17-Feb-15 1:41am View
please have a look at this link!
Janardhanam Julapalli 17-Feb-15 1:36am View
I run the above code, It shows errors like,

Warning: filesize() [function.filesize]: stat failed for in /home/wwwmyfou/public_html/test/file_reader.php on line 3

Warning: fread() [function.fread]: Length parameter must be greater than 0 in /home/wwwmyfou/public_html/test/file_reader.php on line 3
Janardhanam Julapalli 17-Feb-15 1:36am View
Janardhanam Julapalli 17-Feb-15 1:27am View
simply I don't know how to do it.
Janardhanam Julapalli 17-Feb-15 0:26am View
I cant able to read that file at all in php.
Janardhanam Julapalli 16-Feb-15 7:22am View
I got the path from DB.Is this step is right?
Janardhanam Julapalli 16-Feb-15 7:21am View
Please help me out whether I am doing it in right way!
Janardhanam Julapalli 16-Feb-15 7:08am View
sorry for that! I did not noticed at all.
Janardhanam Julapalli 16-Feb-15 7:07am View
If u don't mind, please send me piece of code to do that. I am very new with PHP. Anyway I need to fix this issue by today end of the day.
Janardhanam Julapalli 16-Feb-15 6:18am View
I am getting all the image paths and .wt3 files from my DB and files are stored in server.
Janardhanam Julapalli 24-Dec-14 3:09am View
Done Sir!
Janardhanam Julapalli 24-Dec-14 3:03am View
Alright.What mistake exactly I have done here?
Janardhanam Julapalli 24-Dec-14 3:02am View
Thanks for your time and patience.I am grateful to u!
Janardhanam Julapalli 24-Dec-14 3:00am View
$link = mysql_connect("localhost", "root", "");
mysql_select_db("rohan_iksha", $link);

$test = "total_4bhk";
$result = mysql_query("select $test from project_master", $link);
$num_rows = mysql_num_rows($result);

while ($row = mysql_fetch_array($result, MYSQL_ASSOC))
$row_array['total_4bhk'] = $row['total_4bhk'];

echo $row['total_4bhk'];
It is displaying the required values for me.
Janardhanam Julapalli 24-Dec-14 2:59am View
Janardhanam Julapalli 24-Dec-14 2:55am View
It is returning "53 Rows" as result
Janardhanam Julapalli 24-Dec-14 2:42am View
No sir.I am using the same db name before itself.
Janardhanam Julapalli 24-Dec-14 2:34am View
$conn = mysql_connect("localhost", "root", "myfourwalls");
mysql_select_db("rohan_iksha", $conn);
$num_rows = mysql_num_rows($conn);
echo $num_rows;
Janardhanam Julapalli 24-Dec-14 2:22am View
It is not returning anything for this.
$result = mysql_num_rows($conn);
echo $result;
Janardhanam Julapalli 24-Dec-14 2:11am View
53 rows
Janardhanam Julapalli 24-Dec-14 2:03am View
Showing rows 0 - 24 (53 total, Query took 0.0010 seconds.)
Janardhanam Julapalli 23-Dec-14 23:16pm View
$towerValue_4bhk = "total_4bhk";
$floor_names_query = MYSQL_QUERY("select ".$towerValue_4bhk." from project_master");
This is what I am doing.Not getting anything.
Janardhanam Julapalli 23-Dec-14 22:24pm View
$towerValue_4bhk = "total_4bhk"; Even I tried with hard coded value.
Janardhanam Julapalli 23-Dec-14 22:18pm View
Can anyone please explain what exactly the query will do!
Janardhanam Julapalli 23-Dec-14 22:17pm View
It is giving Resource id #4.I am not sure what it will be.
Janardhanam Julapalli 23-Dec-14 22:13pm View
I tried it.But no success.
Janardhanam Julapalli 23-Dec-14 22:03pm View
sorry! MYSQL_QUERY("select $towerValue_4bhk from project_master") is my requirement
Janardhanam Julapalli 19-Dec-14 4:30am View
In this script I already have the value called towerValue_1bhk.The same value I need to use it in the script that I have posted in the question.Is it possible?
Janardhanam Julapalli 19-Dec-14 4:28am View
var floor_count;
var body = jQuery("body");
body.delegate('.towers_for_1bhk', 'click', function()
var towerValue_1bhk = jQuery(this).find('span').html();
url:"floors_for_1bhk.php?towerValue_1bhk=" + towerValue_1bhk,
="" if(floor_count="=" ""){
="" floor_count="<div>Pick a Floor</div><hr><a href="#"><div name="floor_value" class="floors_for_1bhk" id="" +data[i].floor_name+'"=""><span name="floorValue_1bhk" class="floor_value">' + data[i].floor_label + '</span><div class="flats_available_for_1bhk">' + data[i].total_1bhk + '</div>' + '</div></div>';
floor_count = floor_count + '<div name="floor_value" class="floors_for_1bhk" id="'+data[i].floor_name+'"><span name="floorValue_1bhk" class="floor_value">' + data[i].floor_label + '</span><div class="flats_available_for_1bhk">' + data[i].total_1bhk + '</div>' + '</div>';
if(floor_count!="" & floor_count!="undefined")
Janardhanam Julapalli 19-Dec-14 4:13am View
I have this value in my another script.How can I use the same in this script
Janardhanam Julapalli 19-Dec-14 4:11am View
Thats not my requirement
Janardhanam Julapalli 19-Dec-14 2:55am View
Please help me out!
Janardhanam Julapalli 16-Dec-14 8:19am View
Thank You so much.
Janardhanam Julapalli 16-Dec-14 8:18am View
<div class="display_details"><div class="flat_no" id="'+data[i].flat_no+'">'+data[i].flat_no+'</div><div class="flat_area" class="flat_area" id="'+data[i].area+'">'+data[i].area+'</div><div class="flat_price" id="'+data[i].price+'">'+data[i].price+'</div><div class="flat_details"><input type="button" class="view_flat_details_3bhk" value="View details"></div></div>
Janardhanam Julapalli 16-Dec-14 8:15am View
I got it!My problem is with div structure.In my actual code,the static div is closing only after all the data is loaded inside of it.Now I have created a div dynamically and closing the div after each row of data.Now its working fine.
Janardhanam Julapalli 16-Dec-14 7:58am View
You are right!It should work fine.But for some reason it is not working for me.I don't know y?
Janardhanam Julapalli 16-Dec-14 7:29am View
should I remove h3 here?
Janardhanam Julapalli 16-Dec-14 5:56am View
When I click I am getting the required number.But I have 'n' number of such details.When I click on each item I should get that particular no.I am getting the same no. as alert here with this.
Janardhanam Julapalli 16-Dec-14 5:47am View
<div id="display_flat_details"><div class="flat_no" data-id="801">


</div><div class="flat_area" id="1250 Sq.ft">

1250 Sq.ft

</div><div class="flat_price" id="74,43,867">


</div><div class="flat_details"><input type="button" class="view_flat_details_3bhk" value="View details"></div><br><br><br></div>
Janardhanam Julapalli 16-Dec-14 5:33am View
can I replace the "id" as "data-id" when I am generating it dynamically in jQuery
Janardhanam Julapalli 16-Dec-14 5:17am View
please have a look at my fiddle
Janardhanam Julapalli 15-Dec-14 21:29pm View
This has worked for me!Thanks a Lot buddy!
Janardhanam Julapalli 15-Dec-14 7:03am View
I need only the first value like G 1 2 3
Janardhanam Julapalli 15-Dec-14 7:02am View
I am updating my question with my jquery
Janardhanam Julapalli 15-Dec-14 7:01am View
But your code is working fine when I am doing it in a separate html file
Janardhanam Julapalli 15-Dec-14 7:00am View
I used something like this
Janardhanam Julapalli 15-Dec-14 7:00am View
var body = $("body");
body.delegate('#groundFloor', 'click', function() {
var bhk1_floor0_value = jQuery('#floor_count').find('.floors_for_1bhk span:eq(0)').html();
Janardhanam Julapalli 15-Dec-14 6:59am View
When I add click event like this, click is not generating anything.Its idle.
Janardhanam Julapalli 15-Dec-14 6:26am View
Janardhanam Julapalli 15-Dec-14 6:26am View
please have a look at my jsfiddle
Janardhanam Julapalli 15-Dec-14 6:23am View
All the code inside the <div id="floor_count">is generated dynamically from jQuery with the values fetched from DB(php).
Janardhanam Julapalli 15-Dec-14 6:22am View
its not working!
Janardhanam Julapalli 25-Nov-14 11:17am View
I have created a folder called "projects_data" inside www.When I submit my form,I am sending the value called project_name and an image with variables called $project and file upload.I want to create a folder inside "projects_data" whose name should be the $project.Inside this folder I need to store the image.
Janardhanam Julapalli 25-Nov-14 5:02am View
$name is already creating the new folder but only the image is not stored in that path.
Janardhanam Julapalli 25-Nov-14 4:37am View
will it create a new folder in the name of $name
Janardhanam Julapalli 24-Nov-14 9:20am View
when I submit this, It is creating a folder with by $name and echo is producing with full path but the image is not stored in the required folder.
Janardhanam Julapalli 17-Nov-14 8:29am View
I am using above ajax code to send the images to php but I know that it will not work.I don,t know how to proceed.Just I need to store the selected image files to be stored in a folder via AJAX.
Janardhanam Julapalli 17-Nov-14 8:27am View
var featured_image = jQuery('#featured_image')[0].files;
var no_of_files = jQuery('#featured_image')[0].files.length;

var form_data = new FormData();
form_data.append('myfile', featured_image)
url: 'uploader.php', // point to server-side PHP script
dataType: 'text', // what to expect back from the PHP script, if anything
cache: false,
contentType: false,
processData: false,
type: 'post',
success: function(php_script_response)
alert(php_script_response); //display response from the PHP script, if any
Janardhanam Julapalli 17-Nov-14 7:27am View
I should not use any plugins.I should do it by ajax.
Janardhanam Julapalli 14-Nov-14 4:19am View
still cant do it but looks better than before.Form is few pixels higher than the adminpanel.It works fine in Firefox, but it is creating a vertical scroll bar for the form.
Janardhanam Julapalli 13-Nov-14 6:13am View
My problem is with #sidebar-left and #content
Janardhanam Julapalli 13-Nov-14 6:13am View
mycss file:


.logout a{
margin: 5px 10px;

background-color:#088A85 ;
float: left;




.dropdown-pages, .dropdown-pages a , .sub-menu-pages a, .dropdown-media a{

.sub-menu-pages, .sub-menu-media{
#menu a, .dropdown-pages, .dropdown-media{
padding-left: 10px;
width:140px; float:left; overflow: hidden;


overflow: auto;
Janardhanam Julapalli 11-Nov-14 6:43am View
When I click on Add New, it is appending a new page inside the required div.But the size of the div is much larger than both content and sidebar.Also it is changing from system to system.I am manually adjusting the width in each and every system that I run this program.How van I solve this?
Janardhanam Julapalli 8-Nov-14 3:32am View
I am getting 500 Internal Server Error for this!Is there any errors in this code or any other reason for that.When I give some other .php file in action it is working fine.
Janardhanam Julapalli 8-Nov-14 1:46am View
ok.I will check.
Janardhanam Julapalli 8-Nov-14 1:23am View
But the thing is I have nearly 15 input fields to be sent to .php file. SO I need to send everything through jQuery.ajax.I am Updating my whole form data in my Question.
Janardhanam Julapalli 8-Nov-14 0:36am View
Okay!Thanks for Your time and patience!Have a Great Day!
Janardhanam Julapalli 8-Nov-14 0:25am View
Not in c# and .NET.Is it possible in Javascript?
Janardhanam Julapalli 8-Nov-14 0:18am View
I am good enough to differentiate between class and ID.Even It was not working.When I click the menu, the php page was just appearing and disappearing.It looked strange to me yesterday!
Janardhanam Julapalli 8-Nov-14 0:10am View
Also Please share any links which helps me in making text boxes and textareas as Rich Texboxes.
Janardhanam Julapalli 8-Nov-14 0:08am View
I Have used jQuery('#test').load('load.php').May I know why it does not work?
Janardhanam Julapalli 8-Nov-14 0:08am View
Thanks for the Explanation!
Janardhanam Julapalli 8-Nov-14 0:00am View
Can u please tell me what this line of code will do
Janardhanam Julapalli 7-Nov-14 23:59pm View
Thank You very much dude!It worked for me and You started my morning with some success.
Janardhanam Julapalli 6-Nov-14 3:56am View
Both files are in the same directory only.I am totally upset that I cant crack this.Yesterday It loaded in the content div and I don't know what happened after that.Please anyone help me!
Janardhanam Julapalli 6-Nov-14 3:30am View
look at this fiddle please
Janardhanam Julapalli 6-Nov-14 2:52am View
is there a facility to share a screen shot here?
Janardhanam Julapalli 6-Nov-14 2:51am View
even I tried with only add_new.php.
Janardhanam Julapalli 6-Nov-14 1:12am View
now is it okay to understand?
Janardhanam Julapalli 6-Nov-14 1:11am View
I am trying my best to align the code but cant do it!
Janardhanam Julapalli 1-Nov-14 5:51am View
Thank You.I will check.
Janardhanam Julapalli 30-Oct-14 8:27am View
Done with it!Thank u so much for the Help.Everyday I am learning atleast one or two things from this forum.This site has been a great help for me since I started learning PHP.
Janardhanam Julapalli 30-Oct-14 8:20am View
I will check.
Janardhanam Julapalli 30-Oct-14 7:31am View
Janardhanam Julapalli 30-Oct-14 7:30am View
should I need to edit this examples/gmail.phps file
Janardhanam Julapalli 30-Oct-14 7:13am View
previously I was getting "mail sending failed" as echo.Now I am not getting anything.When I see in console(network) it is showing 500-Internal server error.
Janardhanam Julapalli 30-Oct-14 7:02am View
I have placed the PHPMailer-master folder in the same directory where my code is present.Now I need to include this require 'PHPMailerAutoload.php'; in my .php file right?
Janardhanam Julapalli 30-Oct-14 6:53am View
Do i need to download this library and place it in my required server location
Janardhanam Julapalli 30-Oct-14 6:41am View
how can i do that
Janardhanam Julapalli 30-Oct-14 6:41am View
Janardhanam Julapalli 28-Oct-14 5:03am View
Thank u all for ur replies.I am seeing this forum as very useful one.
Janardhanam Julapalli 28-Oct-14 4:49am View
Very Impressive dude@Jorgen Andersson
Janardhanam Julapalli 28-Oct-14 4:48am View
@pikoh-This is working, but there is a small alias error.This is my updated code
FROM user_details
user_details ORDER BY salary
Janardhanam Julapalli 28-Oct-14 4:46am View
@George Jonsson-This is working fine.
Janardhanam Julapalli 21-Oct-14 5:59am View
This is working fine.@member60
Janardhanam Julapalli 17-Oct-14 4:15am View
Here I need to append the values from database to UI in a structure where user can edit those values and can Re-submit their values.
Janardhanam Julapalli 17-Oct-14 2:17am View
Anyone think all programmers(may be Javascript) know this answer?
Janardhanam Julapalli 17-Oct-14 2:06am View
Thanks for the explanation.I was thinking that some obvious reason might be there.But it is so simple.
Janardhanam Julapalli 20-Mar-14 7:26am View
hi i have posted a question yesterday.No replies so far. Please help me out if possible.
Janardhanam Julapalli 20-Mar-14 5:06am View
Anyone help me out on this
Janardhanam Julapalli 15-Mar-14 23:37pm View
thanks man its working
Janardhanam Julapalli 15-Mar-14 23:37pm View
thanks man its working
Janardhanam Julapalli 23-Feb-14 3:06am View
I have posted a question
Janardhanam Julapalli 23-Feb-14 2:50am View
can i ask u one more query?
Janardhanam Julapalli 23-Feb-14 2:38am View
Fractions are not displayed properly.The above fractions are improper ones.I need those fractions to be displayed in correct format.
Janardhanam Julapalli 22-Feb-14 22:38pm View
I have achieved my functionality in this way.
var category = jQuery('#parentCategory').val();
var subcategory = jQuery('#subCategory').val();
and appended these values as
url: 'result.php?category='+category+'&subcategory='+subcategory,
Janardhanam Julapalli 20-Feb-14 8:40am View
I am clicking on checkbox, selecting a category value from DD1, selecting subcategory value from DD2 and then save button.
Ex:sports(cat)->cricket(subcat).I want the selected values to be stored in DB in the same table where i have saved the video details only once for the whole loop.
Janardhanam Julapalli 20-Feb-14 5:17am View
where should I place the $_POST['category']?inside foreach or outside?
Janardhanam Julapalli 20-Feb-14 4:57am View
In the same example i want to insert the drop down selected values into the Database by using same result.php file or the new one.How can i do that?
Janardhanam Julapalli 20-Feb-14 4:46am View
Sure sure.Thank You very much.
Janardhanam Julapalli 20-Feb-14 3:59am View
Got Success.Its working.Thank you very much for your valuable time.If i have any queries in future how can i contact you.
Janardhanam Julapalli 20-Feb-14 1:59am View
Still not working.The problem is that the data is not coming to result.php through json_decode.
Janardhanam Julapalli 19-Feb-14 22:28pm View
I can't format the whole code.Can i send u email?
Janardhanam Julapalli 19-Feb-14 22:27pm View
I have added the same question as a new question
Janardhanam Julapalli 19-Feb-14 9:00am View
This is for youtube API.Very large code.I will paste the code here.
Janardhanam Julapalli 19-Feb-14 7:15am View
The url is hitting the result.php. But there is no response coming from the front.I checked it in REST Client in Firefox.
Janardhanam Julapalli 19-Feb-14 6:55am View
k k.That i can do?
Janardhanam Julapalli 19-Feb-14 6:45am View
No success.Can u tell me any other option with my existing code.I can able to insert one row atleast. It will be a great help for me.
Janardhanam Julapalli 18-Feb-14 9:51am View
very are my only hope.
Janardhanam Julapalli 18-Feb-14 9:49am View
previously i was getting data:"success" message in console.Now i am getting " "
Janardhanam Julapalli 18-Feb-14 9:42am View
when i click save button, nothing is happening. No error messages also.
Janardhanam Julapalli 18-Feb-14 8:56am View
yes i have done.No success.
Janardhanam Julapalli 18-Feb-14 8:40am View
I have done this already above the AJAX call.
var jsonString = JSON.stringify(videoDetails);
Janardhanam Julapalli 18-Feb-14 8:38am View
same error again
Janardhanam Julapalli 18-Feb-14 7:52am View
In console i can see the values but not inserted into DB.
Janardhanam Julapalli 18-Feb-14 7:45am View
its not working.An error occurred! Internal Server Error.This is the error.
Janardhanam Julapalli 18-Feb-14 7:24am View
The above code is working fine.
Can i use foreach like this: foreach($videoDetails as $value)
and where should i use it?Please help me out
Janardhanam Julapalli 18-Feb-14 6:53am View
where should i use foreach?
Janardhanam Julapalli 18-Feb-14 6:43am View
i used foreach, but no success for me.I am very new for PHP.
Janardhanam Julapalli 18-Feb-14 6:34am View
When i click one check box and submit, i am getting an array containing 5 values from POST.Also i can able to insert those values into DB.But when i click two check boxes, i will receive two arrays. how can i insert those values into DB.
Janardhanam Julapalli 18-Feb-14 6:20am View
please check it now
Janardhanam Julapalli 18-Feb-14 6:00am View
what should i do?really i don't know.
Janardhanam Julapalli 18-Feb-14 5:53am View
this is my php code
Janardhanam Julapalli 18-Feb-14 5:53am View
Janardhanam Julapalli 18-Feb-14 5:47am View
please can anyone help me out?