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Member 10611310 27-Jul-21 6:48am View    
This code gives result total number of days between dates. I no need total no of days. I need for ex dob. I need how many years, months and days different.
Member 10611310 24-Jul-21 7:20am View    
Please anyone give correct solution for this. Am trying 2 days for this concept. I need months and days between 2 dates.
Member 10611310 24-Jul-21 6:54am View    
I need difference between 2 dates.. pls tell me.
Member 10611310 15-Mar-14 6:04am View    
not working means.. no error.. but one godaday web page is open for host in tat site..
Member 10611310 13-Mar-14 5:10am View    
i need char + no increment