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Comments by Md Sadham (Top 3 by date)

Md Sadham 10-Apr-15 8:19am View
Your code works. And "if you don't need it - dont do it" - Good philosophy!!!. Thanks.
For your question, we want no recipient value on that field by default. The user only fill it on manually.
Md Sadham 6-Apr-15 2:55am View
Please see thee code which have comment text like this:
// This line causes problem.
I found that problem by using break point and debugger. Am cannot find out which member having null. However, i replaced by another code and its solved the problem. THanks!
Md Sadham 5-Jun-14 3:04am View
Already i know about that property. Even i used all mode of this property, but i got unexpected result. I want truncation after the word which can fit within thier label frame.

Mode given result:
1. I want to s........a UILabel
2. I want to s.....
3. I want to s

But i want, "I want to...."