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Comments by Helen Paulose (Top 6 by date)

Helen Paulose 10-May-14 4:53am View    
i have to get the sum of values of all the rows of the particular column
Helen Paulose 2-May-14 4:36am View    
yah,i had changed
Helen Paulose 30-Apr-14 5:31am View    
Hai,Philo,string rtf = myRichtextBox.Rtf; this doesnt work in my system.
Helen Paulose 29-Apr-14 8:37am View    
Dear Animesh Datta, bt, we are only having gridcolumn with headers becoz no cell templates or grid column headers are used. and gridcolumn didnt take tooltips.
Helen Paulose 29-Apr-14 5:20am View    
Thanku Animesh Datta,but actually in our framework we have to give heading to listview using header... so,textblock is not applicable here...just tooltips to the header of listview... can u please help me